Poet Rusty

I am truly honored! Gracie Mae had a poetry contest. It is really cold and snowy where she lives and her Annoying Kid loves Greyhounds, so she had a contest to write a poem for snow or greyhounds. I wrote one with both in it and I tied for first place with Amber DaWeenie! Here’s the poem I wrote for Gracie Mae:

Oh no, there’s too much snow
It’s too deep for me to go

I  think if I were a Greyhound
I’d go out in one big bound

Around the yard I would run
Leaping and playing, having so much fun

I’d soar over the snow
I’d play a lot and put on a show

To get warm I’d come inside
Happily with my family to abide


If you want to read Amber DaWeenie’s poem and the other cute poems you should visit Gracie May’s post about it and view the comments.

5 Responses

  1. I like your poem. I’ll go over and read the others now.

  2. That’s an excellent poem Rusty. We don’t get snow here in Winter but me & Dixie have the same problem if Daddy lets the lawn get too long.

  3. You wrote a great poem!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. This is a fun poem. Congratulations on tying for first place. I wish we’d get some more snow here.

  5. Oh you are just so talented! Such a cute poet.

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