HI!! :)

Well, I’ve been trying and trying to get mom to work on my blog but she wouldn’t! She gives me lots of excuses but really she could have helped me out a little!

She says it was Spring Break and she was busy and out of town. Well, I’ll have to give her that. Riley and I got to go because she found a motel that took pets. We had fun walkies and got to see and smell a lot of new and interesting things.

She says dad was feeling poorley with a little surgery he had to have and she was spending extra time with him. Well……..

She says the computer was acting up and they had to take it in for a couple of  days. OK………

She says she was busy with the stuff she had to do to apply for a new job. Hummm…….

She says, she says, she says………

She says she and dad will be out of town this weekend from early Sat. morning all the way to Monday night so she won’t be able to help me this weekend. Not only will she and dad be out, Riley and I will be boarded! WELL!!

Mom promises that next week she will post a new picture of us and visit all my friends, who I really miss! Thanks everyone for checking on me!