The Joy Of Running Even More!

Last week I asked my friends to join in with me and enjoy a good run! These energetic pups are running just for the joy of it! Run on over and visit them, you might just be encouraged to do a little running yourself!

Khyra was born to run! Just look at her running in all that snow!

Kira and Scampi love to run and it sure shows in their pictures!

The OP Pack, Phantom, Dakota and Thunder love to run! But today it looks as if Thunder carried the weight of this job! And look they even let their small human join in the joy of running!

Benson and Gibson at Thoughts Fur Paws are running  all over the place!

Four running for Joy = four times the fun at Sandy Weaver Carman‘s place! It is their heritage! Go see them and read a little interesting history on Siberians.

Penny really loves to run, but MAN has it been hot there lately! It looks like Penny loves the feel of the wind flowing through her long, lovely fur!

Amber-Mae runs with style and grace. She seems to dance at times!

Daisy the Dog loves to join in the fun!

Gizmo runs with Petitude! In his picture he looks as if he is floating over the ground he’s running so fast.

Rambo  and Midget love to run and play on lovely days. They have a friend, Dog Doe, who seems to float over the road.

Dennis is always running somewhere, usually toward destruction! 🙂

Abby loves to remember running in the summer, especially now that it is so cold where she is!

Miss Kylie  loves to run even when it is icy. She just has to go a little slower!

Rocky at the Hudson Furkids is running just for the joy of it and hoping to get a picture, but running is the main thing!

Gus, Louie, & Callie are Happy Heelers who love nothing more than to run! They run so fast all you can see is a blur.

Nala at NW Ridgebacks , who is a brand new friend, loves to run so much she gets silly with it. She runs in circles & her mom calls it “hot laps.” Go see her great running pictures.


Here I am running with the blue dog. Running inside can be joyful too!


14 Responses

  1. And WOO did a grrrrreat job!


  2. Aww~ Rusty that should be tiring , carrying a big loofa dog & running for so long ! Way to go Rusty !

  3. You look so cute with the toy which seems to be bigger than you, but have fun running!
    -Woos from Kira

  4. Oh Rusty ! NO ! The contest is still on until 16 April (:
    Send your photos to us before 1 March , Voting will start on 1 March till 15 April ,
    & on 16 April that is Cody first Barkday , we will then announce the winner (:

  5. hello rusty its dennis the vizsla dog hay this weekend i wuz running away frum a car wot wuz trying to stop me frum finding the malteez crow but i am not letting that deter me!!!!! ok bye

  6. We loved your run-for-the-fun pictures! You did a pawsome job Rusty. Enjoy playing with your blue dog.
    Rambo & Midget

  7. w00f”s Rusty, me tooked part in ur running challenge…its not very good but me iz kinda running..

    b safe,

  8. Hi Rusty,

    Sorry I haven’t been by in a while but the Mommy has been working for 26 days straight to finish my new “strings of friendship” feature and boy is she tired.
    We’ll be back visiting soon.

    Your contest looks like fun but I don’t think the Mommy haqs any of me running but I’ll have the Mommy look tomorrow after my dachshund party.


  9. Yep there sure are lots of us doggies who sure do like to run 😀

  10. Hi Rusty, Nala here! I finally posted some running pictures! Hope you don’t mind that I played…I thought it was a fun idea! 🙂 Have a great night!


  11. Thank you so much for adding us. We are so thrilled. As you said heeler’s just love to run..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  12. Oh Rusty, mom forgot to put a picture of me running yesterday, so she is going to do it tomorrow. You know moms they are so forgetful. Anyhow I tagged you on my blog!

  13. What an energetic post. You are making us feel lazy by comparison…

    Time to look for squirrels!

  14. We love this post! It’s so healthy!

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