The Joy of Running


Don’t you just love to run! I love to feel the air flow through my fur and over my nose! Run and feel the muscles in my legs stretch and my ears flap. I love to taste the air on my tongue as it flows into my mouth as I run. I love to run faster and faster till I’m just a blur in the yard and no one can see me! It’s good to practice running that fast so the squirrels don’t see you coming! Riley likes to run too, He sticks his tongue out and licks the wind off his nose.101_20001

I think this could be fun! Why don’t we plan to all post a picture of us running NEXT SATURDAY, FEB. 7. Let mom know if you are going to post and she can post everyone’s link here on my blog. On that Sat. put a link to my blog along with your picture and anyone who wants to can come here and find links to everyone who is participating. Does that sound like fun? Just thinking about it makes me want to go out and run around zippy fast!


19 Responses

  1. Sounds like a khool idea!

    Maybe by then I’ll have sufficient pawing in the yard!

    Woo need to chekhk Behr Rake’s Blog today fur those khrazy skhwirrel anitkhs!


  2. w00f’s Pups, me might do dat too, iffin me can git my lazy mama to post it..

    b safe,

  3. Rusty you look so happy running!! And Riley too! I will try to get a running picture of me but it’s so icy out I’m not sure how fast I can run!


  4. Sounds like fun, we’ll see if we can get Mom to snap us on the run.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  5. Hi, Rusty…

    I probably can’t get a new picture of me running, cuz it’s hard to run in all this snow…

    But, I have a great picture of me running in my yard last summer…OK if I post that one?

    Abby xxxooo

  6. I don’t have a place to run. When I go out is always on leash because there is lot of traffic!
    But is going to be great to see all the pictures of our friends!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Those are some cute photo Rusty !

  8. Is it okay to post an old running picture? Due to the fact that it’s been 111 degrees Fahrenheit lately – yes, I said ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN DEGREES – Penny isn’t doing any running. We’ll reminisce about the long-ago days when she used to run in our garden. Sigh…

  9. Does it count as a running picture if it’s part of Dennis’s weekly “Saturday Matinee” adventure?

  10. Rusty,
    I’ll see if I can get the “old lady” to get a picture of us chi’s running, okay?
    You look fabulous running.

  11. Wheeeee!!!!!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  12. Hi Rusty,
    Good running pics of you and Riley there. Mum said we will participate in the run post as long as she remembers.
    I will bite her if she doesn’t, hee hee


  13. Rusty,

    I just dropped by to let you know that a member of your Squirrel Patrol passed over Rainbow Bridge on Friday. Meeko became very ill overnight Thursday night and collapsed on the way back from his walk on Friday morning. His Daddy did get him up and back to the house and he was very disoriented. He visited the vet and the verdict was very bad. His Daddy and I talked to the vet and when we learned that Meeko was in a lot of pain from incurable cancer and had 48 hours at the most, we opted to put him to sleep so he would be pain free.

    Meeko was honored to be a member of your Squirrel Patrol. Thank you for allowing him to become a member of your presigious club.

    Meeko’s Mommy

  14. We would like to have a run with you next week! YEA!

  15. I Love to run, one of my favorite things, besides squirrels, I think I found a new friend! Nice to meet ya..
    -Kira, The Florida Siberian

  16. Well, now…this sounds like a fun tag, so count me and my four furries in!

  17. ytou both look so happy and excited to be running. our mom thinks it might be hard to capture a good picture of us running since we are all over the place, but she;’ll try Rusty!

    Benson and Gibson

  18. Hi Rusty, I just found your blog from Khyra! I LOVE to run zippy fast!! Can I play?? I want to post a running picture too but probably won’t be able to post it until later tomorrow evening….is that ok?? Anyway, cool blog! I’ll be back to visit again!


  19. Wow we are to late. Mom posted a picture of Louie and Callie running on Feb. 3rd. They were just a blurr..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

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