Fun, Fun, Fun

Whoa! We had so much fun over Christmas! Mom and dad were both off and home all the time through Christmas all the way to Jan 5. Aunt Sandi, Uncle Larry,  my human cousin Laura and cousin Cowboy were down from Kansas and we had a suprise visit from my friend Maggie who has moved to Dallas!


This is me, Riley and Cowboy.


This is Cowboy and me and that’s Maggie with Riley.  She is really cute so I’m going to post another picture of her so you can see.


There is Maggie and Riley.

We got some cool prezzies for Christmas! We each got a Nylabone. It doesn’t matter that Riley’s is smaller, he wants whichever one I have. We got a Kong Air Dog Jack that looks like a tennis ball, a Kong Donut that looks like a tennis ball and Kong tennis balls that look like tennis balls and they all squeak!! We got some Healthy Edibles which mom hasn’t let us have yet. And we got this funny looking thing called a Humunga Tongue Mini. Mom gives it to us and keeps following us around with the camera. I think she wants to take a funny picture of us. Then, yummy yummy, we got some dog bakery treats! Then I got this yummy tasting rib thing, but mom took it away because I chewed off a piece right away. 😦



One cool thing that all the humans did, that Riley, Cowboy and I didn’t get to do, was go to Medieval Times in Dallas. They liked it a lot. A knight even threw a flower to mom! They got back late that night, it felt kind of funny so we sure were glad to see them.


12 Responses

  1. But NO skhwirrels???

    It looks like all of woo had a furry happy HOWLiday!


  2. Looks like woo had fun with your guests – and some of them were from Kansas, that’s where we live!!! We really hope your Mom gets a picture of that Humunga Tongue Mini thingie – we are furry curious about it.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. Hi, Rusty!
    Glad you all had fun together!
    Sure having your mom and dad at home with you all the time was the best present!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. WOW you guys got some cool chewies!

    Your friends look like a lot of fun!

    We LOVE cowboys name!


  5. OOOH Rusty. Santa was soooo good to you and Riley this year. Adorable pictures of adorable babies.

  6. Rusty!
    oh my golly what fun! wish we could have joined ya’ll. we had no visitors fur Christmas except A SQUIRREL we need to be deputized to eliminate the trespasser! Santa Paws and your family did you right fur Christmas. we got lots of your adventures to catch up on. Our computee is working good enough to visit and when there’s extra money it’s going to the shop or we’re gonna get a new one who knows but yeah we get to visit again!

    Missed you mucho mucho
    Lots of Love Licks

  7. Hi, Rusty…

    You got lots of great presents…Cowboy looks alot like Joey & Tanner…

    We had lots of company for Christmas, too…But none of them broughts their dogs for me to play with…Looks like you guys had alot of fun…

    Abby xxxooo

  8. hello rusty its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is just not fare in the reel midyeeval times the cassels and wotnot wer crawling with dogs wot ayt the ekstra food that fel on the floor not to menshun the okayzhunal rodent or so i am told ennyway i think nekst time they shud tayk yoo to this socalld medyeeval times playse just mayk shoor that they dont looze there time masheen or yoo mite be stuck their trust me on this wun ok bye

  9. you guys sure look like you are really having lots of fun ! How we wish we were there to join in ! The more the merrier !

  10. Wow Rusty,
    Sounds like you had a really great and fun holiday with your friends and family.
    Love the pics


  11. Cool pictures Rusty, looks like you had a fun holiday!

    Bugsy woof!

  12. […] another picture of her so you can see.There is Maggie and Riley.We got some cool prezzies Source: Jan 11, 2009 | | Dog […]

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