The Joy of Running


Don’t you just love to run! I love to feel the air flow through my fur and over my nose! Run and feel the muscles in my legs stretch and my ears flap. I love to taste the air on my tongue as it flows into my mouth as I run. I love to run faster and faster till I’m just a blur in the yard and no one can see me! It’s good to practice running that fast so the squirrels don’t see you coming! Riley likes to run too, He sticks his tongue out and licks the wind off his nose.101_20001

I think this could be fun! Why don’t we plan to all post a picture of us running NEXT SATURDAY, FEB. 7. Let mom know if you are going to post and she can post everyone’s link here on my blog. On that Sat. put a link to my blog along with your picture and anyone who wants to can come here and find links to everyone who is participating. Does that sound like fun? Just thinking about it makes me want to go out and run around zippy fast!

The Wednesday Howl (Dog Dictionary)

The Wednesday Howl

A Dog’s Dictonary & Guide

Leash: A strap that attaches to your collar, enabling you to lead your owner where you want him or her to go. Make sure that you are waiting patiently with leash in mouth when your owner comes home from work. This immediatly makes your owner feel guilty and the walk is lengthened by a good 10 minutes
.Dog Bed: Any soft, clean surface, such as a white bedspread, newly upholstered couch or the dry cleaning that was just picked up.
Drool: What you do when your owners have food and you don’t.To do this properly, sit as close as you can, look sad and let the drool fall to the floor or better yet on their laps.
Sniff: A social custom to use when you greet other dogs or those people that sometimes smell like dogs.
Garbage Can: A container your neighbors put out weekly to test your ingenuity. Stand on your hind legs and push the lid off with your nose. If you do it right, you are rewarded with food wrappers to shred, beef bones to consume, moldy crusts of bread and sometimes even an old Nike.
Bicycles: Two-wheeled exercise machines, invented for dogs to control body fat. To get maximum aerobic benefit, you must hide behind a bush and dash out, bark loudly and run alongside for a few yards. The rider swerves and falls into the bushes, and you prance away.
Thunder: A signal the world is coming to an end. Humans remain amazingly calm during thunderstorms, so it is necessary to warn them of the danger by trembling, panting, rolling your eyes wildly and following at their heels.
Wastebasket: A dog toy filled with paper, envelopes and old candy wrappers. When you get bored, turn over the basket and strew the papers all over the house. This is particularly fun to do when there are guests for dinner and you prance around with the contents of that very special bathroom wastepaper basket!
Sofas: Are to dogs like napkins are to people. After eating it is polite to run up and down the front of the sofa and wipe your whiskers clean. If there are people sitting on the couch just include them as a handy wipe.
Bath: A process owners use to clean you, drench the floor, walls and themselves. You can help by shaking vigorously and frequently.Lean: Every good dog’s response to the command “sit,” especially if your owner is dressed for an evening out. Incredibly effective before black-tie events.
Love: A feeling of intense affection, given freely and without restriction, shared by you and your owner. Show it by wagging your tail


Working with the Snuggle Puggle (4)

100_1423This is kind of a double work week for Eduardo. Here you see all the toys I was taking care of  for my job then you see how I had to rest before carrying on.

Matching Winter Coats

Just look what Riley and I have! Matching winter coats.  Mom and dad went to First Monday in Canton at the beginning of Jan. Mom found a lady who had made dog coats. There was one that fit Riley but not one that matched for me. The lady said that one could be sent later, so mom paid for it and it came in the mail the other day! I like the color.


First mom put them on us and tried to take a picture of us. Of course I am good and sat nicely for mom. It took mom several pictures to catch Riley on the couch.


After we posed for this picture we went outside and played in the cold and stayed snuggly warm, mostly. At first I didn’t like the coat so I rolled in the leaves and tried to roll my coat off, but it didn’t come off. Finally I just played chase with Riley.


We ran and ran. Bear even ran a little but she mostly just sat by mom. She is old and doesn’t like to run with us much.

The Wednesday Howl (Dog Quotes)

The Wednesday Howl

Dog Quotes

“When a man’s best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem.”
— Edward Abbey

“The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.”

“Dogs feel very strongly that they should always go with you in the car, in case the need should arise for them to bark violently at nothing right in your ear.”
— Dave Barry

“Dogs need to sniff the ground; it’s how they keep abreast of current events. The ground is a giant dog newspaper, containing all kinds of late-breaking dog news items, which, if they are especially urgent, are often continued in the next yard.”
–Dave Barry

“A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.”
— Robert Benchley

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
— Josh Billings

“In order to keep a true perspective of one’s importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him.”
— Dereke Bruce, Taipei, Taiwan

“Of all the things I miss from veterinary practice, puppy breath is one of the most fond memories!”
— Dr. Tom Cat

“You enter into a certain amount of madness when you marry a person with pets.”
— Nora Ephron

Working with the Snuggle Puggle (3)

100_1069My work this week for Eduardo  included snuggling with dad so he doesn’t feel left out!

The Wednesday Howl (Comic)

Working with the Snuggle Puggle (2)

101_2656Working hard for the Snuggle Puggle. It’s a hard job but somedog has to do it!


Rusty’s New Years Resolutions

Hi!  Did you make any resolutions? I did. Well actually mom insisted on some of them being added. See if you can tell which ones she wanted.

1. I will find my waist.

2. I will study the doorknob more closely and see if I can figure out a way to use it by  myself. (This is from last year, studying hasn’t helped.)

3. I will teach Riley to quit snuffling Dallas so much and let him walk in the door in peace. I’ve quit this already, so now Riley has to.

4. I will be more diligent in scattering my toys handily throughout the house.

5. I will not get too close to  mom and dad when they are eating dinner so they won’t say the “Park It” command. I hate parking it! Riley on the other hand isn’t even trying act nice while they are eating!

6. I will continue to keep an eagle eye on the squirrel menace in the backyard.

7. I will continue to destuff toys.

8. I will not hide milkbones in corners in the living-room.

9. I will find better places to hid my milkbones so mom will not come along behind me and pick them up. ( hope she doesn’t see this one)

10. Fun, I will try to find it an all situations, or interrupt not-fun situations with fun!

11. I will not gobble down my dinner and breakfast. Unless Riley finishes before me.

12. I will help Riley learn to poop while he is outside and not come inside to poop.

13. I will play tug-0-war everyday with Riley AND mom.

OK I think that’s enough. Mom is getting a little pushy here.  Did you pick out which were the ones she made me put in? The NOT FUN ones. 

The wednesday howl (Dog Haiku)

The Wednesday Howl

“Dog Haiku”

I love my master;
Thus I perfume myself with
This long-rotten squirrel.

I lie belly-up
In the sunshine, happier than
You ever will be

Today I sniffed
Many dog butts – I celebrate
By kissing your face.

I sound the alarm!
Paperboy – come to kill us all –
Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!

I sound the alarm!
Mailman Fiend – come to kill us all –
Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!

I sound the alarm!
Meter reader – come to kill all –
Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!

I sound the alarm!
Garbage man – come to kill all –
Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!

I sound the alarm!
Neighbor’s cat – come to kill all!
Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!