The Wednesday Howl (Life Lessons From Your Dog)

The Wednesday Howl

The Wednesday Howl a Little Early

Life lessons learned from a dog

1. If you stare at someone long enough, eventually you’ll get what you want.

2. Don’t go out without ID.

3. Be direct with people; let them know exactly how you feel by peeing on their shoes.

4. Be aware of when to hold your tongue, and when to use it.

5. Leave room in your schedule for a good nap.

6. Always give people a friendly greeting. A cold nose in the crotch is most effective.

7. When you do something wrong, always take responsibility (as soon as you’re dragged shamefully out from under the bed).

8. If it’s not wet and sloppy, it’s not a real kiss.


12 Responses

  1. Hi, Rusty…

    All very good Lessons…I practice most of them…

    I have to work on #4…#6 is very hard for me cuz I’m pretty short…& I leave #3 to Rosco….

    Abby xxxooo

  2. BOL!

    I do #6 all the time.. Mom is not happy!


  3. Hi, Rusty!
    My mom agrees, specially with #2 and #4!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Oh, I always put my nose in some guy’s crotch. Just to get to know him better. Harharhar!!!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  5. Ha Ha most of those were written specifically for Dixie….

  6. YEP!

    I”m great at all of ’em!


  7. Sharon, the best one of the toys I mentioned in my blog would be the Tornado, I think, depending on how much your boys like puzzles. You might need to learn it in stages, but it has everything the other ones have and more.

    Rusty could do all the levels and have a challenge, and the top level would be simple enough for Riley. By the way, they’re for playing with your dogs, not for giving the dogs to play when you’re not around.

  8. Regarding your life lessons from dogs, yesterday we were at a wonderful dog party. Number three came into play: Not the peeing, but the letting people know how you feel.

    A woman had a gorgeous little puppy that liked Penny. I said to her, “Penny doesn’t like your puppy.” A moment later I said to her,”Penny is snarling, look at her wrinkled face.” A moment later I said, “Penny is growling.” (I had my hand on Penny’s side and I could feel the growls rumbling in her chest.)

    Fin-a-ll-y the woman got the message and moved her lovely little puppy a few feet away before Penny told it how she was feeling!

  9. I think these are very important lessons too although LS said some of them don’t go well with her. Do you think she should go to obedience school?

  10. Number 3 is Dixie’s Number 1

  11. BOL , those are so funny Rusty. So true and such simple concepts, if only humans could get it right!

    Benson and Gibson

  12. All so true. 😀

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