The wednesday Howl (Burglar)

The Wednesday Howl

A burglar enters a house through a window, and hears someone/something say, “Jesus is watching!” the burglar gets nervous and stands perfectly still in the dark, waiting a couple minutes he hears nothing & decides to move.. Again he hears “Jesus is watching!”. He see’s a parrot and asks, “Was that you” the parrot then says “Yes” the burglar, in relief.. asks the parrot, “What is your name?” the parrot says “Clarence” the burglar chuckles, “Who names their parrot Clarence?” the parrot replies, “The same idiot that names their roetweiler, Jesus”


8 Responses

  1. HaRooooooo!


  2. BOL!!


  3. Baaahahaha!

  4. Hey that was very funny!

  5. Rusty!
    Good one!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Oh, I love this one!!!!

  7. *Giggle* Funny!!

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