The Wednesday Howl (School)

The Wednesday Howl

During break time at obedience school, two dogs were talking.
One said to the other…”The thing I hate about obedience school is you learn

ALL this stuff you will never use in the real world.”


17 Responses

  1. Hi Rusty,

    We just loved the video of you & Riley playing with Bear. Me and the Mommy went to visit Dachsies fir Thanksgiving and stay for 3 whole days. I kept looking but didn’t find even 1 squirrel to chase.

    I sent gave out some awards and the Doofuss forgot to tell you we gave you some. Come on over and gethem. I just love spreading the love.

    2 more weeks until Christmas,,,,,Yahoo.

    Love ya lots—Mona

  2. What a real paw slapper!

    Grrrrreat job!


  3. BOL!!!

    Isn’t that the TRUTH!


  4. Mom says that’s true, because she don’t like school very much. But maybe someday you’ll be attacked by a dinosaur, who knows?

  5. Hi, Rusty…

    HaHa…How true…

    Abby xxxooo

  6. Hi Rusty we gived you and Riley an award!

  7. Maybe that’s why Ari acts like she’s never been–in spite of the fact that we endured three different sets of classes!

  8. Hi Rusty!

    Thank you soooo very much for the bone! I received it in the mail today. I took lots of pictures to show how much I enjoy my new bone!


  9. Just like algebra!

  10. True Rusty! Funny.

    Thank you so much for the adorable card. It was so cute and Tuffy and Mandy (and me) were so excited to get it.

  11. Thats the worst thing about obedience school is that you have to be obedient. I don’t think Dixie would like it much.
    P.S. I’m back at WP now. I figgered out the error problem I kept having before. I was the annoying pop up snapshot box causing it. I turned that option off & now error is gone. New URL is;

  12. Rusty,
    you never know when you will need to recall what you learned. Once, I got out of my harness on a busy street and G-Mom told me to stay and I did it! I’m sure it saved my life. So see!

  13. Shhh. Don’t tell Behr Behr that!!! I’m gonna have to block her from reading that post. 🙂

    Behr Behr’s mom

  14. Tee Hee How true!!!

    Love Ruby

  15. Hi Rusty,

    You gotta go over & see Copper’s post about a dead squirrell. He didn’t do it but the squirrel sure was dead

    The Mommy just sent my Christmas cards so you should get your soon. Don’t be mad at me but I do have a cute squirrel story to tell. Little squirrels are kinda cute. Will I be kicked off the Squiril patrol it I do a post about one? I hope not!!


  16. Rusty, thats a REAL good joke, our bean was laughing hysterically at that cuz she says its so true!

  17. So true! I never use any of my obedience training!

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