Rusty Needs…..

Ok, I saw this game some of you have played on the Internet where you google your own name with “needs” after it so I thought I’d try it. Some of the things you came up with were pretty funny. If you haven’t already done this, want to play along let me know if you do so I can read yours. Just add a gratuitously cute picture of yourself and we’re good to go!

Rusty needs:

…to shut up. (HA)

…to take some time before he begins in order to be sure all the rats are the same age. (?????)

….to go any where ‘ even tho he don’t like jeff.(I don’t even know Jeff)

…to be reprimanded. (I do NOT)

…a vacuume cleaner. (I think that’s mom who needs that)

…to be in a mental institution. (Again, I think that’s mom)

…a date for a Kappa Tau party. (Who’ll go with me? Happy? Lorenza?)

…a Weather Map. (Dad watches the weather. I don’t need to)

…a new paint job Painting. (My job is Captain of the Squirrel Patrol, I don’t need a job painting)

to CALM DOWN (I’m calm, I’m calm)

…to go. (right now! Let me out back!)

…a squirrel sammich. (Ok I just made that one up!)

…a wheel. (Now what can I do with a wheel…..)

…some cheese for his whine. (I LIKE cheese)

…the same lovely hair he had. (I do have lovely hair….)


6 Responses

  1. hello rusty its dennis the vizsla dog mmmm skwirrel sammich *DROOL* ok bye

  2. Haha, that’s so funny Rusty. I’m gonna try it!

  3. Hey Rusty!

    You are funny! Very funny!! I really like your answers!



    P.S. I reaaally liked your Halloween costume, and I put your picture on my blog.

  4. Oh Rusty….the best one is the squirrel sammich. You Go Rusty!!
    G-Mom says you are so adorable. Hey…what about me?
    love ya,

  5. You’re right, Rusty, you do need a squirrel sammich! My mom laughed at your list and says maybe she’ll try it with our names if she has time.


  6. Hi, Rusty…

    You need lots of stuff…

    My Mom tried it & it says “Abby need her medication”…Not quite sure how to take that?

    Abby xxxooo

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