Mom was reading up on safety for dogs in the car then she ordered a seat belt restraint for me from one of her favorite places for small dogs on the web. She said I have been a real good boy about it. I haven’t whined or tried to get out of it or anything! Well, in my opinion, I am a good boy about it. Here are a couple of pictures of me modeling my new seat belt harness.

Mom liked this one because the vest is wide and padded.  It is also made of mesh so it isn’t so hot.

You can tell from the above picture that I still get a little car sick. Just the thought of getting in the car sometimes makes me start drooling.

She wishes there were a little more give in the back, but feels that I am safer this way.

There is a place called C.A.R.E. (Canine Auto Restraint Equipment) where they have some good info about this subject. They of course sell dog seat belt restraints but this isn’t where mom got mine. She got it at Golly Gear , a place especially for small dogs. Here  and here are articles that talk about using seat belts for your dogs.  This place lists several types of restraint systems and tells a little about them. Here is a different kind that lets your pet have a little more freedom, but still be restrained. Abby, this one would let you look out the window, but mom is afraid that you could still be thrown around pretty badly if you were in a wreck. Check it out and see what your mom thinks.  

Moms Thoughts: As I read about restraint systems I came across a couple that merely hooked to the dogs collar. I would NEVER EVER use that kind. It would keep Rusty from jumping around and causing the driver trouble, and that would be fine until that day came that we had a wreck. What would happen to him? His little neck would be snapped or his throat crushed when he hit the end of it. Not For Us.  The barrier type doesn’t seem to me to be so safe for the dogs either. Again it would keep the dogs from causing trouble for the driver but if they ever crashed the dogs would be thrown into it and possibly hurt. It’s better than the collar restraint, though. Just my opinion, I’m not a designer or anything.

Ok, every doggie and mommy and dada, what do you think about this issue?

(I fixed the links that didn’t work and added a couple more.)


16 Responses

  1. You look comfortable in your harness!

    I always have to wear my harness when riding in the car. If I want to look out the window, I have to wear my Doggles, too.

    You can’t be too safe, you know.

  2. Issit comfy wearing that when sitting on the car ? I wear the human harness ! Ya right ! its my sissy hand ! BOL !

    Three Musketeers

  3. Hi, Rusty!
    I know you are a good boy who does not give your mom problems on a car rides!
    I have one of those belts too! Safety first!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Mom doesn’t use one on me yet! I am pretty good and stay in the back part of the SUv, but in an accident if I got out that would be bad.

  5. We use a seatbelt harness on Sunny and Scooter is in a small crate that we put the seatbelt through the handle. That way we do not have to worry about them becoming missles in the car if an accident happens. Dogs need restaint too!

  6. Hi Rusty. We wear seatbelts, too. It took a while for us to get used to it, too. But, mom thinks we are much safer.

  7. Isn’t it nice to have a Mom who cares so much for your safety?

    Woo look cute in your restraint too.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  8. Hey Rusty, Mom bought a seatbelt for me too but I don’t like it.


  9. Hi, Rusty
    Is it just me, or do two of the links not work? Canine auto freezes my computer and the one called ‘Here’ goes nowhere. Are others having these problems?
    I’m very interested to follow them to learn more, because this is an interesting post. By the way, I voted in the poll. Interesting addition to the blog!

  10. Hi, Rusty…

    My Mom says Thanks for sharing this…I love to ride in the car, but I like to jump around while we’re driving…So, it’s hard for my Mom to take my by herself…

    She says she’s been thinking about a seatbelt for me…I’m don’t think I’ll like it…Can you still look out the window?

    Abby xxxooo

  11. My human hooks my harness to the middle seat belt in the back seat. It’s not padded like yours but it keeps me on the seat. I don’t like it ‘cuz I can’t climb in the front and sit on her lap while she drives but she says I gots to use it EVERY TIME I get in the car!


  12. We use a collar restraint but after reading this I will use a proper harness for Dixie from now on

  13. Rusty,
    we doggies think it is a great idea to use a restraint system in the car! We have a little seat that has a harness attached to it, but we like yours better. G-Mom is gonna check it out. Thanks Rusty
    Rambo & Midget

  14. Rusty I think your Mom is very smart for gettiing you one of these. God forbid you should ever be in an accident, this will keep you safe and secure. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to you. Good job Mom!

  15. You look totally relaxed Rusty! How cute and what a safe idea!!!

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