New Baby Brother

Go to Riley’s page and see his first video!

Here is my new baby brother, Riley. He’s pretty cute, isn’t he. I know mom and dad picked him especially for me, so I’d have some doggie company. He is a Yorkie, like me. But unlike me he should only weigh in at about 6 pounds when he is finished growing. I’m not really so sure about him. He seem like a little bit of a pest. He is playing with my toys, even some bigger than he is. Even so, I think I going to like having him around. Can you tell how little he is? He weighed 2.2 pounds yesterday at the vet’s. He doesn’t come when mom calls, he potties on the floor and sometimes, accidently I think, on the puppy pads, he bounces on me and on Dallas, he plays like a maniac then sleeps like a rock and he has a shrill yap. I hope I never sounded like that when I was a pup.

So, say hi to Riley. He has his own page here called “The Life of Riley” and will have pictures there sometimes. I’m going to go play some with him WOOF!

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  1. aw , your baby brother is so cute (:

  2. He is so-o-o cute. Ne-ar-ly as cute as Rusty. Is he the same breed?

  3. Riley is adorable. He looks like Rusty’s “mini-me”..!

  4. What a cute new brother you have!

    Watch out for those razor sharp teeth!

  5. He is sooooo adorable.
    P.S Your Flat Tony photos with Riley are next to be posted on Saturday. I was gunna do it Friday but had a Skywatch Friday post I wanted to do. I have such a backlog of FT visits I hope no one thinks I’m not going to post theirs.

  6. I agree with Addie about the teeth, Dixies are like sharp needles!!!!

  7. Hi, Rusty…

    Riley is adorable…I’m sure you will have sooo much fun together…

    Make sure you teach him all about Squirrel Hunting…

    It’s nice of you to share your toys with him…

    Abby xxxooo

  8. Rusty, you are SO LUCKY! I’ve been telling Mom and Dad I want a little brother or sister. In the meantime I just keep trying to get Kiwi the Cat to play with me but no luck yet.

    Keep an eye on that little guy. Your mom and dad are going to want to make sure YOU are teaching him all his manners.


  9. Oh Rusty I think that you are very happy.Rilley is so cute.
    You will have so much fun together, like my Obi and Niki.

  10. Hi, Rusty!
    Riley is sooooo cute. I am sure you two will get along pretty well.
    You need to teach him all you know about life.
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Oh my dogness, Riley is just too cute, he will get better with time, give him a chance, he can be lots of fun, we are sure.

    We are really hoping Mom wants to get us a new sibe puppy soon. Thunder needs a playmate.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  12. Zena here ,

    shh , don’t tell Cody that I am here .
    Having a new brother is bad .
    You gotta share everything with him ,
    Let him chew on you ,
    but in the end you will love what that little devil is doing ,
    as I already get used to it !!
    & becareful of their teeth ,
    although it look small , but you will never want to try a bite on it !


  13. Rusty, What a super cute brother you have! he’s tiny!!!!!


  14. silly mommy forgot to put my blog address on here!!! Rusty, What a super cute brother you have! he’s tiny!!!!!


  15. hi Riley, dropping by to say hi. love your expression on the first pic with Riley. lol

    did you bark a lot at riley? i’m the only child until my lil brother (not so lil anymore, in fact, he’s 2-3 times the size of me now) came a year ago. i bark at him non stop until the 3rd day. he is now can’t live without me. *cough* ok, mom says so.

    he is my “toy” “companion” but i seriously don’t need any of those coz i prefer to sleep.

    wet wet licks


  16. G’day Rusty

    How cute is Riley! Hi Riley .. pleased to meet you 🙂



  17. Hi Rusty,

    What a cute little brother you got now. Riley and Rusty. It has ring to it. I’m sure your gonna be a good brother and now you have a partner chasing them squirrels…them rascals won’t have a chance. Do you think I could use the picture of the two of you on my blog.

    Love both of you, lots & lots….Mona

  18. WOW Rusty!!! We can’t believe you got a brother! We think he is just adorable and the two of you together are so cute too. Rily and Rusty, how sweet! We hope your new brother doesn’t steal too many of your toys, especially the one we sent especially for you!!!!

    You are going to be a GREAT big brother Rusty. Cant wait to hear about your antics with your new little bro….BOL!

    Woofs and wags,
    Benson and Gibson

  19. Howl to Riley!!!

    Now be a good big brother. Mine tends to torture me. I don’t know if all terriers are alike (is it any coincidence it looks a lot like “terror”?), but make sure you’re a good big brother. I know you will!

  20. Congratulations on the new little brother! It’s good to have backup on Squirrel Patrol.

  21. Hi! That’s one seriously cute little brother you’ve got yourself there! I know from experience they can be little pests, but great company and cuddle-buddies, too!


  22. Ooooohhh!!!! He is adorable!!!!!!!! That picture of the two of you together is so adorable Rusty. I might use that as my screen saver if you don’t mind. 😀

  23. PS I love his name!

    Thank you Gina. you should have seen the list of names I was considering!

  24. OMD Rusty…Riley is so cute!!! You are going to be the best big brother!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  25. Oh wow! Congratulations & welcome Riley! He’s adorable…

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  26. Hi Rusty & Sharon, oh & Riley too,
    I have just posted the Riley/Flat Tony pictures.
    Dixie is the same with playing like a maniac then sleeping like a rock …..

  27. How cool that you have a new brother!


  28. There’s a lot of ooooohhing and ahhhhing over here right now: could there be a more adorable puppy in all the world?

  29. He is so cute and little. I hope he turns into a good little brother and a good playmate. It’s good that he’s a put so you can teach him stuff.


  30. Woof Rusty,

    Just stopping by to say woof and to let you know that we’ve got an award for you. Swing by and pick it up when you get a chance.

    Desert Pups

  31. Whew, Riley got a lot of comments. I hope mine isn’t lost.

    Riley is adorable. Is Rusty going to teach him to chase squirrels? He is so little, the squirrels just might chase him. heh heh

  32. Whew, Riley got a lot of comments. I hope mine isn’t lost.

    Riley is adorable. Is Rusty going to teach him to chase squirrels? He is so little, the squirrels just might chase him. heh heh

  33. […] got my baby brother Riley in […]

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