Rescue A Chihuahua

Daisy the Dog had a wonderful post and said we could use this poster so I am going to help her spread the word.  When a new dog movie comes out, many people just have to get a dog like the one in the movie. Now that Beverly Hills Chihuahua is out lots of people will be getting Chihuahuas. They are sweet little guys, some of my best friends are chihuahuas. I would like to remind people that there are plenty of Chihuahuas up for ADOPTION at shelters and at places on the web like Petfinder.  Please adopt a new little friend if you decide you want a Chihuahua! Or any other kind of dog for that matter! If mom hadn’t adopted me, where would I be today?


9 Responses

  1. G’day Rusty

    I agree 158 dogtrillion percent!



  2. What a fabulous poster! Seriously now.. where would we be if we didn’t adopt our people?

  3. Speaking of Beverly Hills Chihuahua, are there any pugs in that movie?

  4. hello rusty its dennis the vizsla dog i dont no ware yoo wood be if yore mama hadnt adopted yoo but yoo probly woodnt be chaysing skwirrels and yore mama woodnt hav a little rusty to cuddel so it is a gud thing all arownd that she did adopt yoo isnt it??? ok bye

  5. Good advice. We have many chihuahua neighbors and I love them.


  6. Rusty I think its wonderful that you wrote a post about ADOPTION. Its always the best option. And you’re right. People will want to go out and get a new puppy after seeing the movie. Good for you for making this point!

  7. Thanks for spreading the word Rusty! You are the bestest!

  8. Rusty,
    Adoption is the best option. Hey….that rhymes. I shoulda been a poet…don’t ya know it. Hey!! I’m making myself laugh…he he.

  9. I agree ,Rusty.Adoption is noble act.

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