New Haircut – Before and After

Mom took me to Tyler last weekend to get a haircut. I think I told you she left me there all alone and went shopping with her friend D. Well, needless to say, this is not my favorite thing. Look at this picture.  I’m trying to be as little and unnoticable as I can so maybe they won’t pick me up and put me over the counter.

But mom picked me up and handed me off to those ladies behind the counter and walked away! Here is a picture of me on the table that she sneaked back and took. You see my tail? That’s sign language for “I’M NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.” But did anyone notice and offer to take me away? NO.

The hardest time I hav staying still is when they are cutting hair around my face! YIKES!

Now as promised, Before and After!





21 Responses

  1. Rusty, you look so handsome with your hair shorter!

    And keep this in mind: it will be easier for you to watch out for squirrels now, because you won’t have anything in front of your eyes.

    Sometimes we humans kind of know what we’re doing. Sometimes.


  2. wow you look different after the fur cut ! CUTE !

  3. I can see you were sending out your SOS with your tail!
    It is hard to tell much about your haircut except for your eyes! But cute eyes they are!!

  4. Hi, Rusty!
    Looking at your tail sure I can say you were not so happy!
    Yes, now you can see all those mean squirrels better!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Oh you look very handsome. I am glad my hairs a very very short s I dont have to go visit Tyler!

  6. Hi, Rusty…

    I gotta say, you are one handsome guy… :0)

    Abby xxxooo

  7. Hi Rusty !Now you can see all those squirrels better .

  8. Wow! You were telling them very clearly how you felt and they didn’t listen! But now maybe it’s easier to see the squirrels? If your human lets you. Mine keeps stopping me when I see bunnies and want to chase them.


  9. How pretty.

  10. Hi Rusty, Love the new you!

    My mum added you to my pal list seeing how I like to visit you all the time. Ok?

    Lotsa Love

  11. Your after face picture is so stunning you really are a handsome little man. I don’t have enough hair to need haircuts very often

  12. Yep … if I walked past the window and saw your tail like that I would have come in an saved you! 😉

    I like the new look though!



  13. ANyways , thanks for your compliment on my blanket , i will tell him (:
    hehe , You are so cuteee !

  14. My roomie Zoe the yorkie got his hair cut too! Good thing you don’t live around here….I bet you and Zoe would get into bigtime trouble.

    You look fierce! I bet the squirrelies will run for cover now!


  15. The tail was a sure sign that you were not having fun. Couldn’t Mom see??? It’s like a white flag….duh. Maybe Mom needs her bangs cut too.

  16. That last picture is cute. But I hate my dominatrix grrroomer Deidre. But I do what she wants cause she’s got the scissors and scary brushes.


  17. Rusty! You DO have eyes!

  18. Aww Cute little baby boy…you look so cute in the before AND after pictures!

  19. Hi Rusty, I like your new look. Thanks for visiting my blog! I posted a little bit more about my trip. I get tired just writing about it …
    See you!
    Sandra & Coco

  20. Rusty, it’s lovely to see your beautiful eyes.

  21. Rusty you look so handsome. That last picture of your sweet little face is priceless!!!


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