Trying to Help Mom

The other day mom war working really hard at the computer on her grade book for school and on my blog so I just knew that she wanted to take a break and play for awhile. You know, to relax and regroup her thoughts. So I went and got my orange chew bone for her to hold while i chew it. She kept on typing. 😦 I knew she still needed to relax so i put down the chewy bone and went and got my destuffed colorful ball that I got from Lorenza in the International Goody Exchange. I held the stuffy skin and looked very cutely at mom. I guess she didn’t want to play with the stuffie skin either because she just kept on typing. So I tried again with my tiny rope dog toy, no go. Poor mom must have been really stressed to not stop and play for a sec. Next I tried my old favorite the tiger stuffie that I have only partially destuffed. Well, mom didn’t even stop for the tiger stuffie when I de-stuffed it a little more right there by her. I tried one more thing: my blue chew bone. I rolled fetchingly onto my back and tried to entice her away from the computer with sheer cuteness: 

Well, that was a no go as well. Boy was I getting tired by then. Looking cute for your mom can be hard work sometimes. I thought about going to get my duckie whose nose is about chewed off but I was too tired so I just dropped the blue chewie bone and lay down right there to take a nap. Yawn.


19 Responses

  1. Rusty, she must have been incredibly busy not to notice such a cute distraction. But, I’m getting just a little suspicious – are you quite, quite sure she didn’t stop for a teensy, tiny moment to take a photo of you? Perhaps when you weren’t looking??

  2. aww , thats so sweet of you ! nice to meet you too !
    hope we will be good pals .

    Love Licks

  3. G’day Rusty

    Mum must have been really busy, but I know she was appreciating your efforts at the same time.



  4. You were very cute Rusty, but, well, uh, they are right, she was paying attention to you, took your pic and all!!!
    Have a great Sunday!!

  5. Hey Rusty,

    Come by our blog. We have gotten several awrds and we made up our own rules for these. Come by and pick up whichever one you would like. Just leave a comment and let us know which you chose(cuz we are nosy!) then take the one you want!
    Hugs &Hi5s

  6. Rusty-I can’t believe none of that cuteness worked!!!


  7. Rusty, Velcro has taken my idea. Have a nice day.
    Obi & Niki

  8. hello rusty its dennis the vizsla dog hay my mama gets that way too with the grading and the computering and wotnot so wen that happens i just go and shred sumthing and then she has to pay attenshun to me ha ha ok bye

  9. Hi Rusty, I know exactly what you mean. Some days my mummy gets so busy on the puter. I squeak my squeaky toy so much but she still doesn’t stop typing to pay attention to me, sigh

  10. Hi Rusty
    You are very cute with all your toys. I like to arrange my stuff around me too. Arrow looks a lot like you– except of course you are much cuter with normal sized ears and a nice smile. His cuteness has saved his life I think.


  11. Are woo sure Mom wasn’t really sleeping? How could she have missed your adorable presence? But at least woo got some beauty rest.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  12. Rusty…you are super cute. I’m sure she noticed. How could she not? And she DID manage to take the photos, no?

  13. RUSTY! I have just been told there ARE squirrels in Australia. Penny and I may need to visit your blog even more frequently to get a few tips on keeping them under control.
    I’ll be checking it out on the internet in the next couple of days and I’ll let you know what I find out.

  14. HAHAHAHA! Rusty you look like you are just pooped out, surrounded by all your toys. That is such a cute picture. At least Mom wasn’t too busy that she couldn’t stop to take those cute pics of you, right?

    Benson and Gibson 🙂

  15. Aww Rusty…who could resist your adorable cuteness? You are so cute with your toys lying around you on the floor. When Tuffy wants my attention, he stands under my computer chair. 🙂

  16. Hi, Rusty…

    You are sooo adorable…She must have noticed after a while cuz she took the picture…

    Thanks for spreading the word about Autobiography Week…

    Abby xxxooo

  17. Woof Rusty,

    Thanks for stopping by to check on Toby. He’s doing a little better today.

    Desert Pups

  18. That looks exhausting. All those toys! Moms can just be so cruel sometimes with their “work” and “important things.” What’s more important than holding your bone while you chew? I’d like to hear the answer to that!

  19. My human does that too! I try my rope toy and my squeaky toy and my ball and sometimes I even climb in her lap but she keeps typing! Humans are so silly ‘cuz they don’t understand they should play instead.


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