There’s a Squirrel in My Guestbook!

OMD!!!  Alert the Squirrel patrol!!! There is a squirrel in my guestbook! He says his name is Beetlejuice (appropriate name, at least it isn’t Cheeky) and he is in my backyard watching me! YIKES! Mom is laughing and she won’t quit. I’m not a happy camper, I went out and looked in all the pecan trees. I didn’t see the little devil, but he is probably hiding up among the leaves with that little squirrel sized camera of his!

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  1. We’re on our way, Rusty. We’ll help woo get that Beetlejuice down and then we’ll have a tasty meal.

    Woos and playbows, the OP Pack

  2. Hi Rusty,

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw that squirrel in your guest book. I didn’t get my ceritficatr for the squirrel patrol…did ya forget me? I think my Mommy sent an e-mail but sometimes she forgets things.

    We missed visiting so much becuase Ike took our lights for a whole week but sknce we had to sit outside evernight until it got dark, I got to chase lots of squirrels but they was too fast for me.

    We’ll be catchng up this weekend.

    Love ya lots…Mona

  3. I’ll keep my eyes open over here and see if I can spot him. I ‘ll report back if I see anything!



  4. That’s one brave squirrel. I’ll be keeping watch at my side.

  5. hello rusty its dennis the vizsla dog oh no this is terribul nooz!!!! wel lissen sinse i hav fritened off the ninja hedjhog army with my noo sign i wil come and help rid yoo of this skwirrel introoder and i wil bring trixie becuz she thinks she can clime trees ok bye

  6. OH NO!!!! What to do, what to do Rusty. I bet he is a very sneaky squirrel, spying from the highest of branches and watching your every move. Be very careful Rusty.

  7. Rusty! OMD the bugger is probably gonna start aiming peecans at you ~ be careful

    since we bark really loud we can run over and bark that bugger right out of your guest book jus let us know k?! we got a computtee to use till ours is fixed so now we can visit again but we don’t always get to see the pics

    missed you ~ lots of love licks bud

  8. This squirrel was probably came when are you sleeping Rusty,LOL.

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  10. Want me to comeover and stand guard while you nap and then I’ll nap while you stand guard?

    We can tag team that stoopid squirrelboy.

    Lemme know!


  11. Hi Rusty,

    I posted a picture of you (hope ya don’t mind) and my certificate on my blog tonight and invited other to join. I am so proud!!

    Love ya lots….Mona

  12. Hi, Rusty!
    What?? I saw that squirrel in your guest book!
    what we can do?? Tell us!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Woof General Rusty

    We’ve just been alerted to the squirrel invader and have doubled our patrols. We’ll report back if we see anything suspicious.

    Desert Pups

  14. That is terrible Rusty but so funny! hehehe

  15. Want me to come help chase it? I’m really good at chasing things–just ask my human!

    Oh, I have an award for you on my blog!


  16. Arf! Rusty! That is so not right! Not right at all!!


  17. Hmmmmmmmm-do you think a-HUMAN- is behind this?????? I haven’t sen any of those rodents with laptops and I don’t know if they are smart enough to use them. However, if it is a human working on behalf of the rodents, that is another different problem…….Any neighbors around that don’t care for dogs??????
    We must take this seriously in any event!
    Hugs & Hi 5s

  18. Rusty…mom and I laughed at the squirrel holding the camera. Do you think that squirrel is taking pictures of you???? Wow-the nerve!


  19. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE!
    Can you see him now… uhoh… I gotta go. There is a squirrel in my house!

    You have a really cool blog!

  20. Dixie says: “Hold on Rusty don’t panic, as a Squirrel Patrol Member, I’ll get him, just let me at him, run squirrel run, yap yap yap!!!
    Darn it he’s still there, I must be too small to scare him. I’ll try again when I grow a bit….

  21. What ever you do Rusty, DON”T PANIC, he will know!

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