Hello Friends!

It looks like the worst is over here at my house. Ike knocked some branches out of the neighbors trees and out of the pecan trees in our yard and knocked over a big beautiful Redbud tree down the street. Trees are down all over the county and the county workers are out checking on people and moving the trees off roads etc. The southern part of the county lost electricity but we didn’t. Mom was glad because she loves her AC! Silly mom went and bought a battery powered fan just in case…….

Area churches are hosting people who came here to get away from the worst part of Ike. I know they are anxious about their homes and any family that stayed down there.

I will know more about what went on in the county tomorrow. Dad has to go out tonight at midnight and work till noon tomorrow. All the deputies are working 12 hour shifts for a couple of days.

We are praying and keeping paws crossed for all the people hurt in any way by Ike.


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  1. Hi Rusty! I’m glad that you all are well ,greetings from Obi & Niki

  2. We’re glad y’all are ok. Ike was tough, but in the long run,since they say it could have been much worse, guess Texas was just tougher! Aren’t we always!

    Thanks for the squirel certificates. I guess it is on a page before today’s page, I had a couple posts bout those dang squirells!!

    I have linked to you also. Have a great rest of the day. It’s nearly time for PBR(which I love)

  3. Hi Rusty
    I’m so happy to hear you are OK. Arrow and me want to thank you so much for the squirrel certificates. We are very proud of them.


  4. We are so glad you are OK. We have been praying for all our dog, kitty, and hooman friends who are affected by Hurricane IKE.

  5. Hi, Rusty!
    Glad to hear that you and your family are ok!
    Paws crossed for all who are affected by Ike!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Mom and I are sure glad you’re ok after Ike came thru!!!


  7. Rusty, we’re all glad you are ok!

    Did IKE knock any of those silly squirrels out of their trees for you to chase?

    your friend,
    Princess Behr Behr 🙂

  8. hello rusty its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am glad to heer yoo ar all rite did yoo see enny flying skwirrels??? or maybe flying bunneez??? ok bye

  9. I have thought about you all weekend. I bet David is exhausted.
    Rusty I’m right with your mom…I CANNOT take the heat! 🙂

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