Squirrel Sammich – Hurricane

I can haz squirrel? I see it! I’d LOVE A SQUIRREL SAMMICH!

After all this work on the Squirrel Patrol I’m really hungry! I’ve never had a squirrel sammich but it sure sounds good!

Guess what? The Hurricane called Ike is supposed to come all the way up into Texas and come over my town of Palestine, probably right over my house, and still be a Category 1 hurricane by the time it gets here. Maybe it won’t be hurricane force by the time it gets here, I hope. We’re pretty far inland and usually just get rain if anything from a hurricane that hits the coast. The news shows it swinging up and over Palestine and going on up and passing by Dallas on the east. By the time it gets to Dallas it is supposed to be tropical storm strength or less. Mom said that people were coming here to get away from the coast and the motels here are full. We’ve worried about tornadoes here but never a hurricane. YIKES! Please pray for everyone in the path of this newest hurricane.

Dallas the cat went in for his first check up and he is doing great. He is getting tired of being locked up in the bathroom!


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  1. Rusty..I sure do hope everyone is ok when the Hurricane hits! Hurricanes are scary!!! It’s good that people and animals are leaving the coast!

    Be safe!!


  2. Keeping paws crossed that hurricane will be out of everyone’s way there.

  3. Oh, please stay safe. I hope it won’t exactly come towards your house. It’s sooo scawie to think of it!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. We hope that it will all be well,
    we think of you. Obi & Niki

  5. Hi, Rusty..

    We’ve heard about that Ike…He doesn’t sound friendly…

    Me & my Mom are praying for you & all the doggies & humans in Texas & wherever Ike may visit…I hope he doesn’t stay long…

    I can’t wait to get on the Squirrel Patrol…

    Abby xxxooo

  6. You stay safe! What if the storm washes away all the squirrels?

  7. Oh, no! I’ll definatly keep you guys in my thoughts/ prayers! I hope the storm calms down b4 it gets anywhere near you guys…!!!

  8. Rusty you look so adorable taking care of those squirrels! 🙂
    I hope you all stay safe. I’ll say a prayer for you.
    I heard that Ike is supposed to come this way and might bring tornadoes by Sunday/Monday. I know we’ll have a ton of rain.

  9. Good luck and stay safe! And watch for flying squirrels!

  10. Rusty you better make sure you stay inside and close to your Mom when the storm comes! Please stay safe! We will be thinking about you all down there!

    Glad the kitty it okay.

    PS- We havent gotten our certificate yet…

    Benson and Gibson

  11. I really hope you don’t keg hurricaned. What if it blew all the squirrels away, then you’d have nothing to chase. Stay safe little cute guy

    Doh!!! Stupid typing fingers, it was supposed to say GET HURRICANED

  13. Hey Rusty, I have some more Dixie puppy pictures posted now

  14. Rusty,

    Meeko here. Thanks so much for allowing me to join your Squirrel Patrol. One of my favorite things is standing guard in the yard and keeping the squirrels aways. I’ve never had a squirrel sammich either. Mmm! That would be a delicacy for us.

    Please keep you and your family safe from the storm. You will need to tell your Mom to batten down the hatches. Be safe.

  15. I hope everything goes well with the hurricane.
    Please take care!
    Paws crossed.
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Oh, we know where Palestine is. Y’all be very careful. We are glad we found another Texas Doggie. W know you’ll be busy this weekend.(Hope you don’t lose power) but we’d like to be frinds and link up! And if you look at our blog, you will see why we are most deserving of an official certificate for squirreling!!!
    Hugs& stay safe
    Sunny,Scooter,&Jamie the momma

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