Hello Friends,

I haven’t forgotten you, mom is helping a family member who is having a bit of a family emergency and she isn’t getting back here to the computer as much. Some of you got your certificates and mom will work on the rest next week. We have to go out of town this weekend with this family emergency and mom will be back next week!




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  1. Sorry to hear about your family emergency — I hope everything resolves well!

  2. Hey Rusty,

    Your Mom won a contest over on our blog at thoughtsfurpaws. We need her full name and address so we can mail her her prize. Maybe you can remind her to check her email so she can get that information to us?

    Thanks Rusty,

    Benson and Gibson

  3. PS- We hope the family stuff is going okay. Thats no fun at all, we’ll be thinking of you.

    Benson and Gibson

  4. Hi Rusty !
    Sorry to hear the news ,I hope everything will be well for your family.
    Obi & Niki

  5. I hope everything works out ok …



  6. Hi, Rusty!
    I hope everything goes well with your family.
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Hi Rusty
    My humans are pretty busy too. I hope your mom’s family is OK.


  8. Oh no! Rusty! I’m so sorry to hear about the family emergency!

    I hope everything is okay! Make sure to love on your mom lots when she gets home! She may need you more than normal!

    Mr. T-Bone Beasley

  9. I hope the situation works out for the best. Good luck with everything.

  10. Hi Rusty, hope everything is ok there. Take care now.

  11. Hi Rusty,

    Sorry about the emergency but we know your Mommy can handle everything and when she gets back make sure you give her lots of support & our love too.

    WE did my kitty kat post last night & used your cat’s picture. Hope you approve, Come over when you can & take a guess. You already know one cat.

    Love ta…Mona & the Mommy too!!

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