Squirrel Patrol! A New Tag

Just look what I got! Mom ordered me a new tag and it says “Squirrel Patrol.” Now when I’m out on patrol my tag will easily identify me as an official of the Squirrel Patrol! Isn’t it cool. Mom took a picture of it for me and then I modeled so you could see it on! I put it right in front of my Canine Good Citizen tag. Can’t wait to get out on patrol in the morning!


16 Responses

  1. Squirrel Patrol! Rusty, how do I get into that club? I LOVE to chase squirrels… I even caught one one time… okay, well not really but I was very, very close…. okay, I wasn’t really that close but I’m pretty sure I saw which tree he ran up…. anyway, way cool Squirrel Patrol bling!

    Keep On Wagging!
    Max The Golden Retriever

  2. Hi, Rusty!
    You new tag is pawesome!
    The squirrels will run away from you!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Rusty, that is the cutest tag ever!
    I agree with Lorenza, the squirrels will see you are the official squirrel patrol officer and run 🙂 I’ll bet they’re shaking in their boots now. Wait, do squirrels even have boots?

    paws up,

    Behr Behr 🙂

  4. Your new tag is very cool. I wish you a good fun Rusty.
    Kiss from Obi & Niki

  5. That’s the coolest new tag, ever!!!

  6. I love your new tag Rusty and that is the most adorable picture of an adorable you!

  7. Go Rusty! Those squirrels will watch out for you!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  8. A squirrel patrol tag? How cool is that! And you sure looked very cool wearing it, Rusty!

  9. What a great tag. It’s like you have a badge to chase squirrels. My pastime too. Hope you can sneak up on them without jingling.


  10. That is simply adorable Rusty. You go get ’em now!

    Benson and Gibson

  11. Grate tag Rusty, congratulations on your official squirrel patrol designation
    We get a new puppy at the end of september I will post photo’s soon

  12. Oops…
    GREAT tag
    my bad spelling/typing

  13. hello rusty its dennis the vizsla dog yoo go get those skwirrels!!!! and maybe yoo cud do sumthing abowt the ninja hedjhogs too ok bye

  14. Rusty, I haven’t been by to say hi in ages! Awesome tag for a very deserving trooper in the fight against world squirrel domination. I salute you!!!

  15. Hey Rusty, you look very handsome with your new “badge.” I hope you are just keeping the squirrels “in line” with stern warnings.

    I suspect the Cairn Terrier next-door and the “snowball dog” who lives upstairs from him may also be members of the squirrel patrol. I have seen no squirrel babies in my poplar tree so far this summer, and I was very hopeful.

  16. You are precious!

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