No Blogging and It’s Not My Fault!

Well for the next week mom isn’t going to be here, she is deserting me and going to the beach with some friends! Dad won’t blog for me so here I am stranded with no way to talk to all my bloggy friends! She sure hasn’t been endearing herself to me lately! They are leaving at 5 o’clock in the morning tomorrow, Saturday the 19 and won’t be back until the next Saturday. I’ll try to get her back on the computer as soon as she gets….WHAT? What did you say mom? When you get back we are going out to  your dad’s time share place? I GET TO GO??? Dad gets to go too? And Ethan? OK!!

Well it looks like mom is putting me out of comission for a couple of weeks, but she is only deserting me for one week! I hope you all have a great couple of weeks.


See the birthday cake on the left? It’s Tuffy’s birthday so I made him a cake!

Please look below to see my post card from Meredith!


18 Responses

  1. Oh Rusty, we’ll miss you and your Mom so much! Tuffy and I say a great big thank you for the birthday cake in your sidebar!! How sweet of you! I wish I could eat it.

  2. Hi, Rusty!
    Sure I am going to miss you! Tell your mom we wish her a happy vacation!
    I hope you have a great time too!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. We know it’s not your fault!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. We sure will miss you. I bet Mama is having a GREAT vacation though!

  5. Hope your Mom has a lot of fun! I bet you will miss her! I will miss you!

  6. Rusty, you have a nice holiday too! Remember, a change is as good as a holiday. 🙂

    I’ve passed on an award to your site because I enjoy your writing. Come on over to my site to collect it some time. Maybe when the excitement of the holiday has passed.

    But, of course, if you don’t want to pass it on further you can just keep it for a while and enjoy it!

  7. Woof, Rusty

    Nice cake, makes us hungry. As soon as you get back drop in and say woof. Desert Pups here just roaming the neighborhood and trying to meet new pals cause we’re new in town.

    Woof, woof
    Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby from Life Inside the Fence

  8. I will miss you Rusty. Be good 😉



  9. Sure is going to miss you, Rusty! Have a great vacation! That’s one beautiful cake!

    I have an award for you. Please come by to pick it up when you are back from your vacation!

  10. Hooray! I’m home from vacation and then you leave. Oh well, have a wonderful, wonderful time. 🙂

  11. We’ll miss you!

  12. Hi, Rusty-
    Tell mom we hope she has a good time. In the meantime, stay out of trouble!

  13. Hi Rusty, I’ve tagged you for a game!

  14. Hi Rusty!

    We have missed you! Our human was really sick and had surgery so we have been gone for awhile too! We are glad that you are still your peppy little self and we hope you can come and visit us again soon when your humans get home!

    Take care Rusty!

    PS – We ALMOST caught a squirrel this weekend!

    Love Benson and Gibson

  15. Hey Rusty! I hope you all had a good time. My mom has been “preparing” the pictures for the bone relay on Monday. She borrowed a picture from your blog and did a little bone-photoshopping and she just wanted to make sure that was okay with you to use the picture. I don’t have your email address to send it to you, so if you want to see it could you please email me at pawlimpics at gmail dot com? Thanks Rusty!
    Your friend, Lenny

  16. Hey Rusty….
    Where are you fella????
    Here boy….
    wanna treat???
    Rusty where are you???
    Did Kathryn @ 4urpets go with your mama too, she’s been blogless as well///
    Come back little guy we miss you 😦

  17. See you when your mama gets back, Rusty. Be good!


  18. Hi Rusty, not back yet? I have another award for you. Do come by to pick it up when you are back.

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