A Post Card! For Me!

Guess what? I got a post card in the mail from my friend Meredith at Mercedes World! It is really cool. Here is a picture of it. She chose this one for me cause she knew I liked to look at furry critters!Wasn’t that nice to write to me and send this cool card!  Thank you, Meredith! Mom say thank you, too!

She sent one to mom tool I am the important one but I guess she felt sorry for mom who doesn’t get much in the mail unless she orders something. Mom loved her card, it had a beautiful garden on it in front of the Biltmore estate. Mom said it was called The Azalea Garden. I think it looked like a fun place to run and play! Here is moms card.


4 Responses

  1. They are both pretty Rusty. I’m glad you shared with us!

  2. hello rusty its dennis the vizsla dog wow that is the bigest feral teddy ruxpin i hav ever seen the fotografer wuz lucky to eskape with his or her life ok bye

  3. So glad you got your postcards! That critter is huge, isn’t it? I bet you would love to roam at The Biltmore-lol! I know your Mom would-hehe!

    mad with barklove!

  4. Nice furry critter but bears are kinda scary. I think they are enormous and very smart about getting into the garbage.


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