No Blogging and It’s Not My Fault!

Well for the next week mom isn’t going to be here, she is deserting me and going to the beach with some friends! Dad won’t blog for me so here I am stranded with no way to talk to all my bloggy friends! She sure hasn’t been endearing herself to me lately! They are leaving at 5 o’clock in the morning tomorrow, Saturday the 19 and won’t be back until the next Saturday. I’ll try to get her back on the computer as soon as she gets….WHAT? What did you say mom? When you get back we are going out to  your dad’s time share place? I GET TO GO??? Dad gets to go too? And Ethan? OK!!

Well it looks like mom is putting me out of comission for a couple of weeks, but she is only deserting me for one week! I hope you all have a great couple of weeks.


See the birthday cake on the left? It’s Tuffy’s birthday so I made him a cake!

Please look below to see my post card from Meredith!

A Post Card! For Me!

Guess what? I got a post card in the mail from my friend Meredith at Mercedes World! It is really cool. Here is a picture of it. She chose this one for me cause she knew I liked to look at furry critters!Wasn’t that nice to write to me and send this cool card!  Thank you, Meredith! Mom say thank you, too!

She sent one to mom tool I am the important one but I guess she felt sorry for mom who doesn’t get much in the mail unless she orders something. Mom loved her card, it had a beautiful garden on it in front of the Biltmore estate. Mom said it was called The Azalea Garden. I think it looked like a fun place to run and play! Here is moms card.

One of the Kids

Hi everyone! Sometimes I feel like I am just one of the kids. Here is a picture of me watching TV with Ethan and Adyllin (mom’s great-niece) on the pull out. See who is in front? Yep, I got the best view.

Here I am with Julia, Ethan, and Lexi We were watching one of my most favorite movies! It’s called 101 Dalmations! Then they started laughing and mom got in my way to take MORE pictures. Finally they all finished and I got to watch it. The girls are some more of mom’s great nieces.


Do you remember awhile back I said mom was going to put a picture here that I would just as soon that she didn’t? Well here it is. And while mom thinks it’s funny,I don’t.  I’ll tell you the real story.

One day I was walking down the hall minding my own business (because I’m a good boy) when this tempting aroma came to my nose. Well, naturally, I followed it. It led to dad who was eating in front of the TV. He was doing something that mom told him not to do, which is put food where Rusty can get it. This yummy hot biscuit smell was coming from a bag on the floor next to the couch. So I glanced at dad. He wasn’t looking at me, he was looking at the TV. I walked slowly so my tags wouldn’t jingle right to that bag and looked inside. sure enough there was a biscuit in the bottom! I stuck my head in to get it and when I picked the biscuit up the bag came up too. I held on to that biscuit and tried to back out of the bag, but it wouldn’t come off. About that time I backed into the door and turned to try to head down the hall. I bumped into something else. Mom came to see what I was doing and did she say, “Oh poor Rusty,” or did she say “Let me get that off your head baby boy,” or did she say “Let me help you?” No she did not. She said, “STAY!” Then I heard her scurry off down the hall and come back. Then I heard this noise: CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. She had gone to get the camera! The nerve! FINALLY she got the bag off my head and she was LAUGHING. I was not a happy camper, let me tell you. Except that that biscuit was really yummy in my tummy.

A Suprise in the Mail!

Wow! Look, here is a box for me from Jonesy, Sissy, and and Tinky! Wonder what is in there! It sure was nice of them to send me some goodies! Mom entered a caption contest for me over at their place and it was one of the winners!




Hey! A Turkey stuffie! I’m out of here. No wait, there is more in that box!

There is a squirrel stuffie too, a black one! I’m going to shake it and throw it and destuff it! Wait! Hey Mom! Let go!







Look, there was even more! See the orange squeakie guy? He makes this great noise that makes me want to bark. And look at the yummy Freshies bones! I love those things!

Thank you Jonesy, Tinky, and Sissy and thank your mom for me too! I love these things! Now I have to go shake that squirrel!