Hedonistic Rusty

I just learned this new big word called “hedonism.” It means that the most important thing is pleasure! Mom says I am a hedonistic dog because I always want nice things like:

  •  mom and dad
  •  love from mom and dad and friends 
  •  back scratches
  •  breakfast and dinner
  •  new stuffies
  •  snacks
  •  naps on my pillow
  •  old stuffies
  •  playing
  •  snacks
  •  visiting with the dogs in the yard behind us
  •  playing with bear
  •  ear scratches
  •  belly rubs
  •  being brushed
  •  naps in the shade out back
  •  naps on mom’s bed and the couch
  •  snacks
  •  lots of pats
  •  chew bones
  •  sitting on the couch with mom and dad getting scratches
  •  getting mom to hold my chew bones for me to chew
  •  bugging the cats
  •  looking in the fridge
  •  checking out the trash can
  •  having a secret place at the end of the couch to take my treasures
  •  a toy box with all my stuff to choose from in it

Yep, it’s a pretty pleasurable life here. I do like these nice things! I think I’m a very lucky dog to get them. I know all my friends here get all these nice things too but I wish all dogs, and even cats, could have them.


26 Responses

  1. Rusty~you are most definitely a hedonistic dog. I believe Patch was too! You are so thoughtful wanting ALL dogs and cats the get all of those nice things!


  2. Rusty you know really enjoy.

  3. Rusty,

    Yes you are hedonistic and get a lot of pleasure, but your mom sometimes gets in the way. Like the time she put the kitty door on the bathroom door so you couldn’t get the tootsie rolls. Also the time she had to fix the pantry so you couldn’t get the trash. What kind of hedonistic life is that!

  4. Rusty, those are some pleasurable things but you deserve them all. Getting Mom to hold your chews while you chew—hehehe.

  5. Hi, Rusty!
    You are so right! We are very lucky having the life we have!
    I wish the same for all the doggies and kitties in this world!
    Have a great weekend
    Kisses and hugs

  6. “Hedonistic dog” is redundant! 😉

  7. Hey, I’m hey-do-nees-tick too! I always get what I want & I get things when I don’t even want. Hehehe! I’m suuuure lucky too!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  8. Hi Rusty,

    I like your ideas! I like chasing squirrels too, and I am not crazy about cats either. I love your hedonistic pursuits…they remind me of myself:)

    BTW, Amber’s dogamese translation of hedonistic is fun-taste-tick:)



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  10. Hi Rusty,

    Your post made me reflect. I’ve posted my reflections (with a link to your post, I hope you don’t mind) to my blog.

    Licks n wags,


  11. G’day Rusty

    I just sniffed my way over from Oorvi’s place to say hi!

    I must agree with you … I think all dogs deserve all those things and more! 🙂

    Hey, drop by and visit me sometimes if you want!



  12. Rusty, you’re lucky you have such a good mom that you CAN let your inner hedonist out. And that we get to see pictures of it! yay!

  13. It’s your job. Pleasure by proxy.

  14. Hi Rusty
    I think I must be one of those too. I like all those things. Life is good.


  15. Rusty…be glad your parents don’t want to get another dog!

  16. Shawna and Laci both enjoyed their treats Rusty! You most definately are a hedonistic dog!

  17. Good afternoon Rusty!

    Hedonistic Life is good. I sit on the floor and tilt my head just so and Mama knows that I need her to put the foot rest of the Lazy Boy out just for me to sit on the end. I won’t actually sit on the chair… just the foot rest. 🙂

  18. Rusty our Mom says that we sound a lot like you. We probably would have put snacks on the list like three more times though!

    Benson and Gibson

  19. LS says I sound like you, Rusty! Think that’s not hedonistic, is it? We’re just being ourselves hehe..

  20. Head-on-a-stick!!!!!
    Sounds pretty gruesome to me……

  21. All good dogs should get pleasurable things! You are way too cute.

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  23. Hi Rusty, you’ve got the life! Thanks for visiting me! 🙂

  24. hi its my first visit

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