Rusty’s Remarkable Largess From Lorenza

Guess what! That mailman guy brought a package for me! It was from my new friend Lorenza for the International Gift Exchange! Lorenza is so pretty and nice!

Hurry up mom! Open the package!

OH!! I smell great stuff in there!

Look what I found!

For Dogness Sake mom! Finish with the pictures already so I can play!

WOOF!! There is so much wonderful stuff! There is a new squeaky stuffie ball, a bear made of rope, a big bag of healthy biscuits, a bag of Pegetable vegetable shaped dog treats (now I don’t have to take Ethan’s!,) two bags of microwave popcorn for dogs in two yummy flavors, two filled rawhide bones (one with ham and cheese and one with peanut butter and jelly,) and a bag of hot dog treats! Wowser! Thank you Lorenza! You are the Bestest of the Best!

If you want to see everydog’s goodies from the IGE there has been an album setup where Chef and Mr T-Bone Beasley will copy everydoggie’s goody post.  The website to see everything is:

17 Responses

  1. Wow Rusty…you did good!!! You look so cute with your head stuck in that box and holding those treats!! You adorable baby. I’m so happy for you!

  2. Wow, what a box full of goodies! Your mom won’t have to buy you any treats for like…at LEAST a few days…

  3. Oh, how exciting! I had no idea they made microwave popcorn for dogs. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised–what else would they eat when they go to the movies?

  4. Wow Rusty….look at all that loot you got. That will keep you busy for a long long time. But….don’t forget your duties out in the back yard. You don’t want the squirrel population to multiply.

  5. Wonderful Rusty! You raked in the goods for sure! Congrats to you! This looks like so much fun!

  6. Oh Rusty, we just got our gift from you. Thank you so much. The duck and doggy are adorable and your Mom surprised me. That was so sweet Mom. Pictures to come tomorrow.
    Thank you again. Love ya, Gina

  7. Rusty,
    Mom wrote your Mom an email

  8. Hi, Rusty!
    Glad you got the package!
    I have not tasted those treats. Here in Mexico we don’t have them! But sure I hope you enjoy them!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Those are some great goodies from Lorenza! She’s got such good taste…

    Butt shakes,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  10. I don’t know about the international gift exchange but you got some great stuff there Rusty you lucky boy. Enjoy 🙂

  11. Rusty, I was in a bad mood today, but at the moment
    I can’t stop laughing .

  12. Rusty, You sure look cute with your package. I’m always fascinated at how glossy your coat looks. Also, your banner at the top of the page is lovely. I hadn’t noticed it before today. Is it new? If your Mum took the picture, she’s done a great job of having the trees AND you in focus.

  13. Oh how wonderful Rusty…..Lots and lots of treaties for sure….you pose so beautiful…how do you keep your hair so untangled…mine is a mess two seconds after mum combs it…

  14. Wow, what goodies you got!

    Herbie got a gift from you in the mail today and he loves it. He’s been chewing on it since it came. This was his first-ever package. I’m going to scrapbook the envelope. I’ll post pictures on the blog soon.

  15. Hi rusty! Wow what great goodies you got from lorenza! I loved my gifts!! Thank you so much! Mom finally let me open them very early/late friday/thursday and she took pictures but hasn’t had the time to post my pics until now!!! I took my stuffie out to play outside!! Thanks Rusty! Have fun with all your goodies!!


  16. How cool is that?? Those are fabulous treats for you Rusty 🙂

  17. AIEE! the head-tilt, bone-in-mouf combo! I’m defenseless against your charm Rusty!

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