Food From a Little Boy

Hi! Do you remember here awhile back I said i would let you know what kind of great treats I have been able to get, steal, sneak…? Well, here is a list:

1. 50 kazillion Goldfish crackers! Not at the same time, though.

2. Lots of animal crackers, mostly one at a time.

3. Teddy grams! Yum.

4. Yogurt

5. half a ham sandwich (Checkers, don’t be jealous, just hang around a little boy)

6. another half of a ham sandwich! (Checkers, seek a little boy)

7. broccoli and other cooked veggies

8. little pieces of chicken (sometimes when he is eating and mom isn’t looking Ethan holds his fork down to me and I quickly grab whatever is on it, lots of times it is a little piece of chicken or other meat. Sometimes it is a veggie.

9. raw baby carrots

Boy I never got any of this stuff before Ethan got here! Well, sometimes mom would give me a baby carrot, but never this many. Mom is trying her best to cut this jackpot off. She only lets Ethan eat at the table, even his yummy goldfish crackers and she is always staring at him and his food now. Something always manages to get through though!!!


14 Responses

  1. Rusty,

    Looks like you and Sissy belong to the “Clean Plate Club.” You better watch it though, or you could put on a few pounds.

    So, little boys aren’t so back after all, are they?

    I’m becoming more fond of him by the day! 🙂

  2. Yogurt is awesome and those goldfish crackers sound amazing. I will have to get mum to buy some of those…..

    My mom doesn’t want me to have them. I hope your mom is more cooperative!

  3. Did you jump up and swipe the sandwich or did you look cute and he gave it to you? You are so cute, I doubt you would have to resort to crime!

    One time he gave it to me and one time it was a hit and run!

  4. Rusty ,you eat broccoli ,I’m really impressed.

    YUM! But I didn’t get much of it!

  5. How much Yogurt, Rusty?

    Ethan dropped his spoon with a big bite of yogurt on it and I managed to get most of what was on it before mom swooped in and scooped it up away from me! 😦

  6. Glad you found an easy target Rusty. ~ Tuffy

    You look precious in that picture Rusty. ~ Gina

    Thank you!:)

  7. Hi, Rusty!
    Those are lots of treats I am not allowed to enjoy!
    Veggies sure are delicious!
    Kisses and hugs

    Get a little boy! Then it doesn’t matter what is allowed! I’m not allowed to have any of that stuff either! 🙂

  8. LOL! That is too funny! Patch wasn’t much of a veggie eater…but he loved scraps and crackers and chips and…ANYTHING almost. 🙂

  9. Quite a haul, Rusty! Poor Tucker doesn’t have a little boy to surreptitiously feed him treats, so he has to resort to stealing them. Fortunately he is an expert at it.

  10. You get to eat alot of delish stuff! I love chicken & ham too. YUM!

    Butt shakes,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  11. That’s a lot of yummy food there, Rusty! Wish I have a little boy or girl around too!

  12. Hi Rusty-you like raw carrots? mom gave me a carrot the other night and I looked at her like she was silly!!! I didn’t eat it!!! But goldfish crackers-yummy! they sound awesome!!


  13. Rusty, it sounds as if you are doing an excellent job of toughening up Ethan’s immune system. They say the best thing we can do for children is let them live with a dog.

  14. That was some great tips. Take it easy on the half of ham sandwiches

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