Thank You

Thank you everyone for all the nice (and funny) things you said about my yucky tummy! Mom really laughed while she was reading them. I took all my medicine and ate yummy potatoes made with chicken broth and cottage cheese. Mom found the recipe at a vet’s web site. Any way I feel much better now, and so does mom, who has been kinda sick too.

Mom got a picture of me that I don’t think is funny and she intends to publish it in a few days! I wish she wouldn’t, but you know how she is!

Barklove to all!


Yucky Tummy

Well, mom made me go to see Dr. Don today because of my yucky tummy. I haven’t been feeling too good. When we got there we had to sit out in a waiting area so I could think about it and watch other dogs go to little rooms. Oh that was scary. I sat in mom’s lap and shook. Then they called my name. YIKES! Mom took me into a little room and put me up on a table. Then Dr. Don came in. He smells funny, like medicene and dogs and cats. He wrapped this rubbery thing around my little leg. I didn’t like that tight thing and tried to pull it off but mom made me leave it alone.  Then Dr. Don stuck me with a sharp sticker thing. And mom let him! Some of my blood came out and went into a little glass looking thing and Dr. D took it away. Whew! I lay down on that table facing mom so I could see her good and make sure she wasn’t going away. Finally Dr. Don came back and said I have Gastroenteritis, whatever that is. All I know is that it made me have a yucky tummy. I have to have a bland diet of white starchy stuff for awhile, mom said a week. Since I “got rid” of my breakfast this morning, mom fixed a potato for me when we got back and let me have some of it. It was yummy and I ate it all up. Mom said I can have some rice for dinner. I guess that will be alright, we’ll see.

Ethan went with us to Dr. Don’s place. He stood and looked at the fish in the tank the whole time we were waiting, while I was sitting on mom’s lap shaking. Mom said that fish tank  was better than a TV! I know he left me along while he stared at those fishes.

Hedonistic Rusty

I just learned this new big word called “hedonism.” It means that the most important thing is pleasure! Mom says I am a hedonistic dog because I always want nice things like:

  •  mom and dad
  •  love from mom and dad and friends 
  •  back scratches
  •  breakfast and dinner
  •  new stuffies
  •  snacks
  •  naps on my pillow
  •  old stuffies
  •  playing
  •  snacks
  •  visiting with the dogs in the yard behind us
  •  playing with bear
  •  ear scratches
  •  belly rubs
  •  being brushed
  •  naps in the shade out back
  •  naps on mom’s bed and the couch
  •  snacks
  •  lots of pats
  •  chew bones
  •  sitting on the couch with mom and dad getting scratches
  •  getting mom to hold my chew bones for me to chew
  •  bugging the cats
  •  looking in the fridge
  •  checking out the trash can
  •  having a secret place at the end of the couch to take my treasures
  •  a toy box with all my stuff to choose from in it

Yep, it’s a pretty pleasurable life here. I do like these nice things! I think I’m a very lucky dog to get them. I know all my friends here get all these nice things too but I wish all dogs, and even cats, could have them.



I had to calm down a little before I showed you this picture. Just look what Jenny did the other day when I got my wonderful package form Lorenza! She had the NERVE to get up with MY stuff and nose around! I think she tried to take away some of my stuff! I was not a happy camper and I let her know just how I felt about the whole thing.


Rusty’s Remarkable Largess From Lorenza

Guess what! That mailman guy brought a package for me! It was from my new friend Lorenza for the International Gift Exchange! Lorenza is so pretty and nice!

Hurry up mom! Open the package!

OH!! I smell great stuff in there!

Look what I found!

For Dogness Sake mom! Finish with the pictures already so I can play!

WOOF!! There is so much wonderful stuff! There is a new squeaky stuffie ball, a bear made of rope, a big bag of healthy biscuits, a bag of Pegetable vegetable shaped dog treats (now I don’t have to take Ethan’s!,) two bags of microwave popcorn for dogs in two yummy flavors, two filled rawhide bones (one with ham and cheese and one with peanut butter and jelly,) and a bag of hot dog treats! Wowser! Thank you Lorenza! You are the Bestest of the Best!

If you want to see everydog’s goodies from the IGE there has been an album setup where Chef and Mr T-Bone Beasley will copy everydoggie’s goody post.  The website to see everything is:

Food From a Little Boy

Hi! Do you remember here awhile back I said i would let you know what kind of great treats I have been able to get, steal, sneak…? Well, here is a list:

1. 50 kazillion Goldfish crackers! Not at the same time, though.

2. Lots of animal crackers, mostly one at a time.

3. Teddy grams! Yum.

4. Yogurt

5. half a ham sandwich (Checkers, don’t be jealous, just hang around a little boy)

6. another half of a ham sandwich! (Checkers, seek a little boy)

7. broccoli and other cooked veggies

8. little pieces of chicken (sometimes when he is eating and mom isn’t looking Ethan holds his fork down to me and I quickly grab whatever is on it, lots of times it is a little piece of chicken or other meat. Sometimes it is a veggie.

9. raw baby carrots

Boy I never got any of this stuff before Ethan got here! Well, sometimes mom would give me a baby carrot, but never this many. Mom is trying her best to cut this jackpot off. She only lets Ethan eat at the table, even his yummy goldfish crackers and she is always staring at him and his food now. Something always manages to get through though!!!

It’s In The Mail!

Not the check, silly. My friendship gifts from my 100th post and Velcro’s International Goody Exchange gifts!  Mom FINALLY got them all wrapped and mailed today! YEA!

Whew! Mom had a busy last week of school. The last day for the kids was Friday and the last day for the teachers was Saturday! Then there was a family reunion on Sunday for dad’s family. Mom and dad went and they took Ethan, but they didn’t take me! Well! I’ve been here longer than Ethan, I thin I should have been able to go. But, NO. I won’t bite him though.

Also I had extra company last week. Mom’s big niece who takes great pictures went to Las Vegas to get married so her standard poodle, Dragon, stayed with us. He was really TALL but it IS my house so you know who was boss in this situation. Mom said he is really sweet. He was fun to play with but I wouldn’t call him sweet. He was an interloper and I had to guard mom’s lap a lot.