Ever since mom took this picture all the way back in December, I haven’t been able to sneak in any sips of mom’s delicious coffee. But today, thanks to Ethan, I got my chance! Mom got up to go tend to Ethan and, quick as a wink, I was up on the couch with my snout deep in mom’s coffee cup! YUM! There were only two unfortunate things about this.

1) there wasn’t much coffee in the cup 

 2) mom heard me slurping her MY coffee and came and took her my cup away.

I’m going to start practicing slurping quietly at my water bowl so next time…….

There have been all kinds of pluses to having a little boy in the house! I’ll write more about that later!


17 Responses

  1. LOL! Rusty-you are a riot!

  2. How funny! I once caught my Clover with her head in my red wine! (and of course, I blogged about it :

    I love your blog and have linked to it so I can find it quickly. Thanks!

  3. You dogs are a bunch of caffeine addicts: Ari LOVES to drink my tea (though I think it’s more for the milk and sugar than the tea itself).

  4. I can’t tell you how many things around here are stained with coffee splatters as a result of Tucker’s stealing my wife’s coffee. Maybe his twitches are just due to being over-caffeinated …

    I keep my coffee in mugs with lids. Nobody’s getting my caffeine except me.

  5. Rusty, you are such a sweet boy. Tuffy took a sip from my coffee when I left it on the floor beside my chair one time. Since then I have learned to keep it up high. hehe I bet you are having a lot of fun with Ethan.

  6. Hi Rusty!
    When I was a little puppy, drank orange juice in the glass of my sister S. You are very smart, my buddy!
    Thanks for stopping by! Let´s be friends!
    Have a nice week!


  7. Coffe is a bad habbit! You sneaky baby!


  8. LOL! That’s hilarious Rusty!

  9. Rusty!
    you lucky dawg! daddy figured out all our tricks and we haven’t gotten to sip any coffee in a long time. sheeesh

    Love Licks & waggin TX tail feeling a little yealous

  10. Oh no! no mo joe fer you, Rusty! You got enough energy and are way to young to be needin’ “the elixir of life.” Let your mom’s mug alone!

  11. Hi Rusty…. i love coffee too but i need to also watch because ails knows i like but sam doesn’t know yet …. so i wait for her having a cup then i sneak into her bedroom to get a few slurps…

    lots of licks


  12. Hey Rusty. Glad to have you aboard for the Exchange.

    I never had coffee but I bet a Boxer on coffee is one heck of a peppy dog, which is not a good idea!

    xoxo Chef

  13. My Gracie will drink my coffee if I let her too!

  14. Caffeine is bad for us Rusty….PLUS it’s very addictive from what we hear!

    Shawna and Laci

  15. Hehehe…that’s right, we need to learn to slurp quietly. Once I was caught slurping from LS’s flower bowl too. She wasn’t amused at all.

  16. *hilarious!*

  17. Forget quiet, just GULP it down when you get the chance then blame it on evaporation….

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