Walkies at the Lake

Guess what! I got to go back to the lake for walkies! I was hoping to see the ducks again, but we went to a different part. We walked way out on a long dock over shallow water. I didn’t like walking on it too much because there were spaces between the boards. Mom said I was skipping in places. I didn’t appreciate the laughter, let me tell you.


When we got to the end I looked in and it sure looked yucky! Yuck.  See what I mean in the picture? I wouldn’t even think of trying to swim in there. I don’t think mom would have let me anyway. Yuck, again.

Anyway we had a great walk, even though there weren’t any ducks at that pat. There were a lot of smells to sniff and mysteries to try to solve. I like that place.


20 Responses

  1. Brrr, Rusty! Looks cold!

  2. So, mom is paying more attention to you by talking you for your favorite walkie. Those are fun. Did Ethan get to go with you>?

  3. I honestly wouldn’t mind getting into that water…

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. The water sure looked a bit yucky there.

  5. Hi Rusty,

    Hope you had a real happy walk, I’ve not gone out for awhile. All thanks to my lazy humans… :p


  6. Hey Rusty, you’re very brave going out on the pier! Sorry the ducks weren’t there, but I bet they’ll be back soon.

  7. Cute pictures! 🙂

  8. Cute pictures! 🙂

  9. I wish you good luck with ducks another time:)

  10. I would have jumped right in and got all seaweedy…lol

  11. Hi Rusty!
    I found your blog and I love it! Beautiful photos! I hope you had a great time !

    Love and licks

  12. Shame on Mom for laughing at you Rusty…hehehehe. You sure do look adorable looking back up at Mom and Dad like that!

  13. we’re gonna keep our paws crossed that next time there will be at least one duckie fur you to chase.

    Hey were you really skipping?

    Love Licks

  14. Hi, Rusty-
    Don’t let them tease you about slits between the slats! I don’t like them either, even if Ari laughs at ME!

  15. Hey Rusty! Have I told you lately how precious you are? You are too precious! I sent ya an email. Thank you so much for your kind words, suggestions, support, and prayers during our trip down Patchy Sickness Road. Love Ya!

    Mad with barklove!

  16. I sure wish i could swim… it looks as if all you’s guys on dwb can swim. I think i’m missing out on soo much fun.. Glad you enjoyed your walkabout. I haven’t seen ducks yet.

    lots of licks


  17. Rusty I met a girl dog just like you in my neighborhood last night. Her human is a 10-year-old girl and she rollerblades around the street while her dog runs alongside her. It looks exhausting! I always think of you when I see them flying down the street!


  18. We’re both afraid of the water. What about you Rusty do you like the water?

  19. Hey Rusty!

    Come on over and play-can you do these tricks?

  20. Sounds like you had an adventure walking on that dock. You sure are brave, Rusty!

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