My Beautiful Collar and Leash (Old and New)

This is my beautiful blue martingale collar (with a bandana print) and leash. You’ve probably seen it on me in some of the pictures here. Mom got it just for me at First Monday in Canton. You might be thinking, “Well, Rusty, if you like it so much why did you chew it up?” Guess what! I didn’t chew it up. This destruction of my beautiful leash and collar is all dad’s fault! He put MY leash and collar on BEAR! MY stuff! Then he didn’t pay any attention to what was going on and Bear CHEWED IT ALL TO PIECES! Mon was not a happy camper, let me tell you!

So she went online to a place she knows that specializes in stuff for small dogs and got this new martingale collar and leash! Isn’t it pretty! I might even like it better because it has a padded collar! Mom likes it, too. All I can say is that Dad had better not put this on Bear! Let her chew up her own stuff!


100th Post! YEAH!

This is my 100th post! I can’t believe I’ve written this much! I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know my bloggie friends so I would like to do something nice! So I’m having a give away! Just look at the things in these pictures and if you see something you like and are the first one to say so in a comment, it’s yours! I hope to spread a little happiness! I wish I could buy something for everyone!

  First, here are two stuffies! A big honkin’ duck and a growling cat. I have stuffies like these and I love them! The growling cat goes three times before he stops.

 Yum! here are two bags of Chicken Jerky and two packs of Busy Bones to give to 4 friends! I like chicken jerky and the busy bones are good too.

Tennis balls! The yellow ones say that they are for dogs under 20 pounds. I keep losing my tennis balls.

Last but not least are these Clean & Chew bones. I love mine. There it is in front and you can see how much I love it. Choose the orange one or the blue one like mine!

Helping With the Brush Pile and an Award

I had so much fun the other day! Dad was trimming up a few things and he was making a brush pile. The only thing is that I thought the brush pile should have been in a different part of the yard so I started pulling stuff out of the pile. Here are pictures of me helping, like a good dog! Mom, however, told me to stop pulling branches out of the pile and playing with them. Playing! Well! I tried to tell her that I was helping, working hard, and not playing at all. She kept on taking the the branches I had taken so much trouble to move and putting them right back where they came from.

Here is me trying to keep mom from taking away another of my branches. She just doesn’t listen! I was giving her the EYE too. I tried.

Isn’t this a nice award? Candi made it just for me and gave it to me. Candi is the cutest little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Guess What? This is my 99th post! The next time I post it will be my 100th post! Kinda funny how it works out like that. Anyway, I am so excited, so I have decided to have a surprise the next time I post to celebrate my 100th post, 6 months of blogging and all my new friendships! Keep posted! (get it? posted? I made a funny)




The International Goody Exchange

Woof Bloggie Friends! This is going to be fun! There is going to be a Goody Exchange and I signed up for it! Chef and Mr. T-Bone Beasly are heading it up. You can go there to see the particulars. Post a comment to Beasley or Chef to let them know you want to participate. Your post has to be in by Saturday, May 24th.

I can’t wait! I love goodies. I’ll have to send mom shopping to get some cool goodies for me to send to my exchange friend!


Ever since mom took this picture all the way back in December, I haven’t been able to sneak in any sips of mom’s delicious coffee. But today, thanks to Ethan, I got my chance! Mom got up to go tend to Ethan and, quick as a wink, I was up on the couch with my snout deep in mom’s coffee cup! YUM! There were only two unfortunate things about this.

1) there wasn’t much coffee in the cup 

 2) mom heard me slurping her MY coffee and came and took her my cup away.

I’m going to start practicing slurping quietly at my water bowl so next time…….

There have been all kinds of pluses to having a little boy in the house! I’ll write more about that later!

Walkies at the Lake

Guess what! I got to go back to the lake for walkies! I was hoping to see the ducks again, but we went to a different part. We walked way out on a long dock over shallow water. I didn’t like walking on it too much because there were spaces between the boards. Mom said I was skipping in places. I didn’t appreciate the laughter, let me tell you.


When we got to the end I looked in and it sure looked yucky! Yuck.  See what I mean in the picture? I wouldn’t even think of trying to swim in there. I don’t think mom would have let me anyway. Yuck, again.

Anyway we had a great walk, even though there weren’t any ducks at that pat. There were a lot of smells to sniff and mysteries to try to solve. I like that place.

Busy Week

Wow! It sure has been a busy week! Ethan has stayed with us all week, so mom has to play with him in the mornings and she doesn’t play with me as much. 😦  She said that she would make sure to do better next week but she is old. Whatever that means. I’ve been running and playing with him too, so I guess I can’t blame mom much. He is a lot of fun, for a human.

Plus on Monday a new great-nephew was born so mom took Ethan and went far away, about 1 hour and fifteen minutes away, to see the new little nephew. Mom kept talking to family and friends saying the wsame things. I thought she should just get a tape recorder: he was born at home….7 pounds and no ounces….19 3/4 inches long……it went on and on. Whew, I was glad when she quit talking about it.

 Last Saturday Dad put up a swing in one of the pecan trees for Ethan so we were all outside for a long time.  I played a lot with Ethan and Bear. I was finally tired and went to sit down by some flowers. Mom called them weeds. Then when I smelled one she laughed and said, “You always have to take time to smell the flowers.”


Scary Eye Contest

Wow! I just went over to Deetz’ blog and guess what? He is having a SCARY EYE CONTEST! Deetz even put me in it. I voted for some pretty scary looking characters, let me tell you. I was polite though! I didn’t vote for myself, even though I wanted to. You should go over and check it out, and maybe even vote. There are a lot of cool pictures!

The Next American Dog Idol (Part 2)

Whew! It is a hard days posing if you are the Next American Dog Idol!