Next American dog Model (Part 1)

Mom says I’m a good boy. She thinks I could be a great model.

Or the next American Dog Idol.

Check the beautiful smile.

And the noble profile.


23 Responses

  1. You definitely can be both! No doubt!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. You have my vote, Rusty!

  3. Oh Rusty ,no doubt ,you can be whoever you want.

  4. Rusty, I’d vote for you. American Idol, the Dog version. I like it!

    Behr Behr 🙂

  5. Oh Rusty, you’re so adorable!

  6. AND! …”TAG” – you’re it!

  7. Rusty, it’s your ears that are the winners! Don’t worry about the handsome profile, just look straight at the camera and the judges will fall in love with your ears.

  8. I agree with your mom. You are too sweet for words, I just want to hug you. My mom fell in love with you too.

  9. I bet you are such a good boy Rusty. You could definitely be America’s next model or idol with those charming looks. You are so cute and sweet-looking.

  10. Rusty you would win in a heartbeat!!

  11. Work it, Rusty! How’s your runway walk? The camera definitely loves you. So do I!

    (Thanks for reminding me! It’s America’s Next Top Model night. A guilty pleasure.)

  12. Hey Rusty! Nice to hear from you too! You know what the models do when someone’s in their way . .. Wait, on second thought, scratch that advice. It’s not nice.

    (ooh! I’m missing ANTM! — got caught up in wordpress problems. grrrrr!)

  13. Yup, that is definitely a noble profile.
    Either that, or it’s the profile of a dog who’s plotting something!


  14. good posing! lovely smile!

  15. Hi Rusty! You are a very handsome doggie, so I am certain that you could be a great model. Be sure you get lots and lots of treats whenever you model!

  16. Most definitely! You are definitely Most Photogenic too! WOOF!

  17. Hi Rusty
    Wow, my mum gradeated from Derby 100 years ago.
    Mum lived in Mulvane from 1992 until she divorced her worthless ex 5 years ago….We just moved outside of Belle Plaine about 9 months ago. That is so pawsome, maybe your mum and my mum knew each other!!! I hope it is okay, and I am asking permission to include the picture of you holding the stuffy squirrel in your mouth, into my scary eye photo contest…I think it would be perfect. My mum saved it but she won’t include it if you don’t want too. Please please do, its alot of fun.

  18. Your noble profile looks like the model’s “pouty look” to me. They picked a great background for you too.

    Rusty, if you are having trouble getting into 4urpets, you may be trying to get into I took that off the website. Try

    I am thinking of takiing 4urpets off. Two blogs is a bit much for me to do.

  19. Mum is going to post the contest Monday. She included your photo, but if you don’t want her too, please let her know. It was just too cute not to include.

  20. hes so darn cute is he for free or not for sale if so please email me at i live in belle plaine,ks where do you live? bye:)

  21. I’ll vote for you…Rusty! I love those flicks…the aura of mystery, and of course, your dignified posture!


  22. You are so cute i will vote for you! You know i thought about entering my dog Jackie. Good- Bye

  23. hi um ignore that email adress i have a new one.

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