Monitoring My Backyard and the Neighbors

Boy, there was a lot of interesting stuff going on over at the neighbors today! i had to watch them for a long time. First there were people over there working in the garden. I had to supervise them most of the morning.  Then, and this is the bad part, there were TWO squirrels scampering around in the neighbors yard just on the other side of the fence. They kept going up and down the tree and chasing each other right in front of me. Well I let them have it! They knew what I thought of that kind of behavior!

Bear helped me some, but mostly she just sat around and napped. Big help she is. Boy was I tired by the end of the day. I kept thinking she might give me some ice cream for being such a good boy like Jonesy, Sissy, and Tinky got. But, no!

That is part of bear in the corner of the picture. She was napping when I finished talking to those squirrels. I was about out of breath, as you can see. She COULD have gotten up to help.



19 Responses

  1. Rusty,
    Forget about the neighbors, don’t let those conniving squirrels out of your sight–they can’t be trusted. Ever.

  2. You are so precious! i have gotta go over to my aunt’s and snap a pic of her 4 yorkies. Tell Mom thanks for the input on teaching. Also~tell her I am considering the change from K to 5th grade. That might blow her away-lol! I sent her an email too. Mad with barklove! Mere

  3. Dear Rusty,

    You are such a handsome devil! Keep on the look-out for those wily squirrels!


  4. Wow Rusty! Glad you told those squirrels who the boss is!

    Isnt ice cream just so delicious in the summer time?

    PS – Our human thinks you are just SO photogenic and handsome 🙂


    Benson and Gibson

  5. Too bad you couldn’t get to those squirrels but you really showed them who’s the boss!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  6. That was hard work, wasn’t it Rusty? You look so cute in the pictures!

  7. Hi Rusty ! We are back from Tisno (great weekend )and we send to you a big kiss.O & N

  8. Hey Rusty,

    I need your help!! We are overcome with baby squirrels and I need an export to get rid of them.
    Since we both live in Texas the MommyI could come & get you & then we can Play. I have 2 little nephews, LLane & Blake, that could come over & play with us and the Mommy could make a turkey meatloaf with mashed potatoe icing just for us.

    Love ya lots…Mona

  9. Rusty…you’re such a good protector!

  10. Rusty, You are so cute. Good job getting those squirrels. You showed them!

  11. You’ve been working hard Rusty! Go get those squirrels!

  12. Rusty, Good job! I bet those squirrels got a thing or two from you, huh?

    Come on over to my house, you, Jonesy, Tinky and Sissy can have another ice cream party.

    P.S. Taz is no longer blogging and he won’t be sending his Flat Tony around the world. Did you see his last post?

  13. Rusty don’t you let those squirrels win, you keep at them. If you need help just shout on me.

    lots of licks


  14. Rusty- check this out!

    Mom can’t believe that chair costs $99. I can’t believe there are squirrels that big! Do you think it will run if I chase it?

  15. And this!

    That is too funny! Sounds yummy to me!

  16. Rusty: My Hump Day Humor and Wordless Wednesday posts are all in one and I believe you will like it. Check it out here:

    Mad with barklove!

  17. Rusty our one neighborhood squirrel is back! Wanna come get him/her?

  18. Hey Rusty! I came home from school yesterday and there were 4 squirrels hanging under the carport, by the house and in the driveway. They did not move too fast either when I was slowly pulling up. Patch would have loved it~but he would have also hurt himself trying to get to them. Maybe you could come over and take over his duties-hehe!


  19. I bet your guardian was real proud of you for taking care of those squirrels. You look like a swell dog.

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