Squirrels ARE Evil

Yikes! Here is a place I found that has all kinds of information on the true nature of squirrels!
Just look at this article I found about some squirrels in Russia that attacked a poor dog. It is awful!
Look at this poor cat! Attacked by Squirrels.


Squirrels are smart! Look at this video.



20 Responses

  1. How cute. I knew squirrels could get into any bird feeder, but I didn’t know they would go that far.

  2. Rusty has always known how bad squirrels can be. 🙂

  3. OMdoG! Squirrels killed a dog????? How can that be possible? That’s terrible! Okay, from today onwards, I will stay far away from squirrels. But heck, there are none here!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. Killed a dog? How frightening! But that’s a great video though. They even break into vending machines?

  5. i assoom yoo alreddy no about the secret skwirrel traning fasility rite? — dennis the vizsla dog

  6. The insanity must stop! We have exactly 1 squirrel in our neighborhood…it’s a newer neighborhood and their aren’t many “mature” trees for them to hide in. Between our Laci and Rusty I think they can e rid ou our 1 squirrel!

  7. I don’t like the look of the ears on that squirrel!

  8. NINJA SQUIRRLS! What’s next? *eyes pugs uncertainly* No…no…they’re far to lazy to attack me for food…….right?

  9. Surely this is SHS (Squirrel Haters Society)propaganda…..
    They are just the cutest little critters, just like gophers, why do people hate the cute guys????? I wish we had Squirrels & Gophers in Tasmania.

    P.S. Rusty I have implemented your Flat Tony World Tour 2008 Host logo great idea. Visit my blog for the HTML code

  10. Squirrels are cute.

    Looks like they can be a bit nasty according to this blog.

    i know some people who put them in the vermin category like rats.

    There just to damn fluffy for that!!!

  11. A black squirrel! I didn’t know they came in such a scary colour. We don’t have squirrels here in Australia but we do have possums. Penny has her work cut out keeping them under control each night, especially as she has to bark really softly when her human whispers in a nasty, quiet voice, ‘Stop that noise!’

  12. Poor Rusty! Someone’s telling you scary squirrel stories again. There are just as many stories about “evil” dogs and “killer” dogs. Right Cujo?

    Put yourself in a squirrel’s shoes. –er, okay, no shoes, but you know what I mean — You’re mindin’ your own business, collecting acorns for yourself and your family and — WOWOWOWOWOOF! — from out of nowhere, here comes a big loud creature with tremendous fangs and even bigger monsters right behind it! Fear! Panic! Loss of vital acorns! Poor squirrel!

    You look so cute with your toy squirrel! I’m glad you love it so. But I’m also glad it is only a toy squirrel.

  13. The video was awesome. There some pretty smart squirrels out there.

  14. The only link you need Rusty, to learn everything about squirrels, is Scary Squirrel World. I spend hours on that website, laughing my butt off.


  15. awwwwwwwwwwwww! : )

  16. squirrels bow to me

  17. Too right, and they asre worse when they’ve had a drink or been at the magic mushrooms.

  18. Man I have the scariest squirrel pictures ever heres the link:

  19. that is so awsome

  20. watch out for those ninja squirrels though!

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