I Love Sonic!


14 Responses

  1. Oh…I adore sonic. The double cheeseburgers (what are they called? Super sonics?), tater tots and a jumbo diet coke is like a little part of heaven….the really naughty, fattening part.

  2. My Google Reader didn’t show that you had a new post, but I clicked on you anyway. Glad I did.

    So, Rusty loves sonic? Sonic is wonderful. I have to go all the way to Arizona to get Sonic. They don’t have too many of them in California.

  3. Hi Rusty ,can you explain to me what sonic is .:)

  4. Aww Rusty. You’re so cute trying to get the very last drop. I love Sonic too!

  5. Hey Rusty ,can you breath in there???
    What’s Sonic??? What ever it is it must be yummy if your going to so much effort to get the last bit.

  6. You and Jedd would get along great! He loves Happy Hour there too! He goes daily!

  7. I have no idea what’s Sonic too. Is it some kind of fast food place or something?

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  8. We don’t have Sonic here (how sad). Hehe you must have enjoyed that so much till your whole head nearly went in, eh?

  9. MMM…. that’s the good stuff!

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  10. Rusty.. that is one funny pic. We all love Sonic, too!!!

  11. We don’t have Sonic where I’m from. From what I’m reading i wish we did.

  12. Sonic is great. I hope that’s a milkshake!

  13. I thought sonic was a hedgehog, emm. maybe i was wrong…lol
    Hi there thought i would paw by to see you, i seen you on dwb.

    lots of licks


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