Meet My Human Nephew

Look at him! Isn’t he cute? He calls mom “Nana” and he calls dad “Grampa”. He lives way off in another country far far away called Washington State! We had so much fun today. We palyed chase out back then we played chase in the house.  We played tug of war. We played chase some more. I wish we had one of these at our house all the time!


11 Responses

  1. They’re a GREAT source for “treats” (commonly known as people food) too! Have a good weekend Rusty.

  2. Rusty ,your human nephew is so sweet.
    Have a good fun .

  3. Rusty, I know chasing your human nephew is a lot more fun than chasing squirrels.

  4. Rusty, your human nephew is adorable!!

  5. Aaww…your human nephew is so cute!

  6. Adorable! Both of them!

  7. Rusty you are so photogenic and your nephew is adorable! I like the blog’s new look! Did you pick it out?

  8. hee-hee! Two cute boys, looking like they could brew some mischief together (the good kind!).

  9. Hi,
    He is very cute indeed! Maybe you two can keep each other entertained. 🙂

    I have a surprise for you on my blog 🙂

    Behr Behr 🙂

  10. Adorable picture, Rusty’s Mom!!

  11. Rusty, I’m so glad your human nephew plays well with you. That is nice (and important).

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