April 2nd, It’s My Birthday

I’m two years old today, April 2! WOOF WOOF WOOF! WOOF! Happy birthday to me! Mom has some really fun things for me to do. First I get some special treats, then I get to go on a special walkie, then I get another special treat. But best of all is that my human sister, who I have never met because she lives in the  far away land of Seattle, Washington, is coming and bringing me my human nephew! He will be a good play partner, I think. They are flying into Dallas this afternoon. Hope they hurry!


8 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Rusty!!! Sounds like a good birthday to me. I bet you’ll like playing with your human nephew.

  2. Happy happy Rusty. You and your sister work some squirrels over good!

  3. Happy Birthday Rusty! We hope you get lots of extra treats and maybe a swquirrel today, too!

    Love Benson,Gibson, Theodore and Sasha
    (and Jaime the human)

  4. Happy Birthday Rusty !
    Sretan rođendan Rusty !
    Obi,Niki and me
    We send to you a big kiss 🙂

  5. Rusty, check out my new technique to make squirrels explode! I posted it today.

  6. Happy birthday Rusty! lots of treats and pets and ear scratches to you!

  7. Happy Birthday! Have fun with your family! I believe Patch could actually sing/howl this song-hehe!


  8. Rats! — not real rats, just the exclamatory kind. I missed your birthday!

    BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OL’ FELLA! Looks like you had a grand time of it! Many happy reruns of the day!

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