Next American dog Model (Part 1)

Mom says I’m a good boy. She thinks I could be a great model.

Or the next American Dog Idol.

Check the beautiful smile.

And the noble profile.

Monitoring My Backyard and the Neighbors

Boy, there was a lot of interesting stuff going on over at the neighbors today! i had to watch them for a long time. First there were people over there working in the garden. I had to supervise them most of the morning.  Then, and this is the bad part, there were TWO squirrels scampering around in the neighbors yard just on the other side of the fence. They kept going up and down the tree and chasing each other right in front of me. Well I let them have it! They knew what I thought of that kind of behavior!

Bear helped me some, but mostly she just sat around and napped. Big help she is. Boy was I tired by the end of the day. I kept thinking she might give me some ice cream for being such a good boy like Jonesy, Sissy, and Tinky got. But, no!

That is part of bear in the corner of the picture. She was napping when I finished talking to those squirrels. I was about out of breath, as you can see. She COULD have gotten up to help.


Squirrels ARE Evil

Yikes! Here is a place I found that has all kinds of information on the true nature of squirrels!
Just look at this article I found about some squirrels in Russia that attacked a poor dog. It is awful!
Look at this poor cat! Attacked by Squirrels.


Squirrels are smart! Look at this video.


Christmas Squirrel

Look! Dallas the cat IS my friend! he knocked this of the desk so I could get it! My Christmas Squirrel that mom wouldn’t let me de-stuff! Now’s my chance! Oh-oh, mom has spotted me.

Maybe if I just sit here casually mom will go away and leave me alone.

(5 minuets later) Mom saw me change the squirrels position in my mouth and here she comes with that camera. Man! And the squirrel’s foot is slipping.

Mom’s not going away and the foot is in my eye.  I guess I’ll just let her have it. Maybe I can get Dallas to get it for me sometime when mom isn’t home!

A Car Seat? NOOOO!!!!!

So, mom and I were visiting some of our friends and of course that means we went to see what Tinky, Jonesy, and Sissy at 4urpets have been up to. When we get there what do we see but a very cute little doggie in a car seat and guess what? He looks like me. While we looked mom laughed and I heard wheels turning and smelled something burning. Mom was thinking! I could hear her thinking, “Hmmmmmmmmm. Why not!” Then before you could say BARKLOVE my butt was in Ethan’s car seat and mom was snapping away.  I hope she doesn’t think I’m going to travel like this. Britney Spears doesn’t buckle up her kids, I shouldn’t have to be buckled up either.

I Love Sonic!

Rusty and Ethan Playing Chase

Rusty loves his new play mate!

An Award! :)

Look what Behr Behr Rake  and Mercedes gave me! Whoo Hoo!! I love awards. When I started blogging I didn’t know what it was all about. I didn’t know you would be making so many nice friends. This has been so much fun. Thank you Behr! You have an Excellent blog!

In order for me to accept this award, there are some rules, listed below:

  • By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, I agree to award it to 10 more people whose blogs you find Excellent Award worthy.
  • You can give the award to more people, but please award at least 10.
  • Link back to the person who gave you this award.

I would like to give the Excellent Blog Award to my blog friends that I feel that deserve this. There are so many great dog blogs out there now that it’s hard to choose who to pass the honor to. I hope these bloggie friends will accept this Excellent Blog Award:

* Barking Loud. Sparky, Ginger and Crikit are fun friends who are on a road trip right now. A while back their dad went on a trip and left them moping at home, till he got back. They are always encouraging to new bloggers and love to have fun. They live in Texas, like me.

* The Sparky Chronicles. Sparky, the Defender of Justice, is so cute he can’t take a bad picture, even if he is unhappy when a cheesy entertainment TV interviewer and his crew get in the way of his LIGHT on his veranda.

Gina’s Public diary. Tuffy is such a cute and smart little chihuahua. He is running for president and has a great platform. You should read up on it and consider voting for him. TUFFY FOR PRESIDENT!

* 4urpets.  Tinky, Jonesy and Sissy! Three more adorable little chihuahuas you couldn’t find anywhere. Jonesy is a comrade in arms with Rusty in the fight against enchroaching varments, be it squirrels or gophers. Tinky, the diva of the group, is now rockin’ a new clothing line and looks great doing it. Sissy loves her peanut butter doggie treats and tries to keep the others in line.

* The Aged Cat. Terry gave us BARKLOVE!

*Mercedes World.  I’m giving it back to Mercedes. Mere is so busy over there. There is so much fun stuff going on over there, you should visit and browse.

* Thoughts Fur Paws. Benson and Gibson are two Goldens that have two cat siblings at home. Their mom hopes to share the education she obtained through owning and training pets her whole life, and working with local shelters, county humane societies, national animal welfare organizations and state divisions of wildlife.

* Serendipity Park. happy looks a lot like me, but with longer hair! Happy wants to go to work with her mom and she asks politely for dinner when she is hungry. She is a kind and polite little friend! She likes to help other dogs better themselves. For example she “encouraged” her neighbor to  bark like a man instead of whining away at his mommy.

*Weeny and Daisy’s Pug Diary. Weeny and Daisy are two cute little pugs that recently have been attacked by a monster! They wanted to know if anydog else had one of these monsters at their home. Weeny likes to stand by whoever is playing computer games.

*Scout’s Food for Thought. Scout is a very thoughtful dog. His favorite author, who wrote Dog Psalms, says dogs are peacemakers. Scout agrees!

*Cody Bear’s Friends.  Cody is a very active and fun dog. Cody Bear has canine gastroparesis and tries to help others by blogging about it. He likes to play outside and is very photogenic. He works in agility too!

*Manicdote. i can’t believe the grevious error I made in leaving out one of my best bloggie buds! I noted in the comments that they were SOBBING at having been left out. I knew I had included them so I went back through my list and sure enough I had left them off. Poley and Ruika certainly deserve this award and I am ashamed that they were not on my list to begin with. Please forgive me, I’ve been preoccupied with my human nephew and mom has been preoccupied with him too! 🙂

Meet My Human Nephew

Look at him! Isn’t he cute? He calls mom “Nana” and he calls dad “Grampa”. He lives way off in another country far far away called Washington State! We had so much fun today. We palyed chase out back then we played chase in the house.  We played tug of war. We played chase some more. I wish we had one of these at our house all the time!

Birthday! WOOF!


Here I am with my birthday muffin with two candles.


All my prezzies are in that bag, I can smell something good. It smells like…….


DUCK! Look a duck stuffie AND Duck Tenders!


YUM, that duck tender is good!

And guess what! Just five days ago I was the Pet Blog of the Week at Thoughts Fur Paws. I was saving it for my birthday.  There is always great stuff to read over there!