Next American dog Model (Part 1)

Mom says I’m a good boy. She thinks I could be a great model.

Or the next American Dog Idol.

Check the beautiful smile.

And the noble profile.


Monitoring My Backyard and the Neighbors

Boy, there was a lot of interesting stuff going on over at the neighbors today! i had to watch them for a long time. First there were people over there working in the garden. I had to supervise them most of the morning.  Then, and this is the bad part, there were TWO squirrels scampering around in the neighbors yard just on the other side of the fence. They kept going up and down the tree and chasing each other right in front of me. Well I let them have it! They knew what I thought of that kind of behavior!

Bear helped me some, but mostly she just sat around and napped. Big help she is. Boy was I tired by the end of the day. I kept thinking she might give me some ice cream for being such a good boy like Jonesy, Sissy, and Tinky got. But, no!

That is part of bear in the corner of the picture. She was napping when I finished talking to those squirrels. I was about out of breath, as you can see. She COULD have gotten up to help.


Squirrels ARE Evil

Yikes! Here is a place I found that has all kinds of information on the true nature of squirrels!
Just look at this article I found about some squirrels in Russia that attacked a poor dog. It is awful!
Look at this poor cat! Attacked by Squirrels.


Squirrels are smart! Look at this video.


Christmas Squirrel

Look! Dallas the cat IS my friend! he knocked this of the desk so I could get it! My Christmas Squirrel that mom wouldn’t let me de-stuff! Now’s my chance! Oh-oh, mom has spotted me.

Maybe if I just sit here casually mom will go away and leave me alone.

(5 minuets later) Mom saw me change the squirrels position in my mouth and here she comes with that camera. Man! And the squirrel’s foot is slipping.

Mom’s not going away and the foot is in my eye.  I guess I’ll just let her have it. Maybe I can get Dallas to get it for me sometime when mom isn’t home!

A Car Seat? NOOOO!!!!!

So, mom and I were visiting some of our friends and of course that means we went to see what Tinky, Jonesy, and Sissy at 4urpets have been up to. When we get there what do we see but a very cute little doggie in a car seat and guess what? He looks like me. While we looked mom laughed and I heard wheels turning and smelled something burning. Mom was thinking! I could hear her thinking, “Hmmmmmmmmm. Why not!” Then before you could say BARKLOVE my butt was in Ethan’s car seat and mom was snapping away.  I hope she doesn’t think I’m going to travel like this. Britney Spears doesn’t buckle up her kids, I shouldn’t have to be buckled up either.

I Love Sonic!

Rusty and Ethan Playing Chase

Rusty loves his new play mate!