Six Word Memoir

I was tagged by Jonesy at 4urpets to participate in a six word memoir. I had a hard time keeping it doen to 6 words though, you know how chatty I am. Here is my 6 word memoir.













  • Write your own 6 word memoir;
  • Post on your blog with illustrations of you like;
  • Link to the person who tagged your post;
  • Tag five more blogs with their links;
  • Remember to leave a comment on the the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.




Weenie and Daisy

Amber Mae


10 Responses

  1. Great job! Those words certainly described the pictures aptly hehe…

  2. good memoir rusty! 4urpets tagged us, too. check it out if you have time:

  3. Fun tag game. Thanks for tagging me. I will get on with it when I can…

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. I LOVE it! I will see what Patch can come up with in a bit!

    “If Mom finds my photo album I want to stroll down memory lane-aaahhhh-what did she do with it. I told her it’s right in front of her-somewhere”.

    Rusty-I have something for you at my place-you sweet, cute, dedicated, smart, stealthy, fun-loving dog you!

    mad with bark love

  5. Thanks for tagging me ,but I don’t have so good pics like
    you Rusty.I hope you are not angry with me 🙂

  6. Rusty, yes…all of those are you, and then some. You probably could have posted a 50 word memoir. I like the stealthy one.

    Tell Amber Mae that she doesn’t need pictures. When Joy of Desserts tagged me, she didn’t have pictures. Pictures are optional.

  7. Those words really describe you well Rusty. Thanks for tagging us Rusty–Tuffy’s are up!

  8. Mine is up, but Patch is still working on his-lol!

  9. So cute!

  10. I genuinely enjoy reading through on this website , it has got superb content .

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