Dogwood Festival

greats2.jpgContinued from part 1:

On last Saturday we went to The Dogwood Festival downtown. While we were there look who we found! Lots of mom’s great nieces and nephews! Except for that old guy, that’s dad.


We left town and went out to Davey Dogwood Park. Here I am with some beautiful dogwood flowers. We walked around and saw lots of pretty sights.


While we were there we found this cool tree stump. I wanted my picture with it. Dad said it would be good for practicing tree climbing. Maybe one day I’ll be able to really chase those squirrels!


Here is another stump. I think mom has lost her mind. I had to get my picture taken with this one too. It was a nice day and I had good walkies so I was nice and smiled for the camera. After this we went to a small town lake and that’s where I saw the ducks……


17 Responses

  1. Rusty you are just so adorable, but don’t live us four fluffy pups hanging…what happened when you saw the ducks? 🙂

  2. Hi Rusty, that sure was a fun time for you. Nice pictures of you too. Yeah, must practise climbing trees if you want to chase the squirrels.

  3. very brave to sit on such high places!

  4. The balance of an olympic gymnast!

  5. Rusty…you tease!!!

  6. Rusty you are so darn photogenic its amazing. Its like you know you are supposed to pose. I only wish my pets would do that!

    You saw ducks? Did you chase them?

  7. Rusty, You look so pretty and happy on those stumps. You must be brave–we would’ve been afraid up that high. You must live in a doggy friendly town. Mom and Dad never take us anywhere. Boohoo.
    Your buddies, Mandy and Tuffy

  8. Wow, what fun!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  9. Oh, dogwoods: my very favorite! We envy you, Rusty. Be sure to give the blossoms a big sniff from us!

  10. I came by to see you and I don’t know what happened. I cannot see any picture. Since no one has commented on not seeing the pictures, I guess it’s me.

    Oh well, Hello anyway….

  11. Okay, I see the pictures now. It just took a hundred years to download.

    Rusty, you look so cute on those trees. You are such a good little “model” for your mom.

  12. Rusty, has anyone ever told you your are photogenic? You deserve a best photogenic award!

  13. Rusty, you can make even an old stump look beautiful!

  14. Hey, Rusty, have you seen the great toy at
    I came across it after following a link posted by Johann.

  15. I like the third picture. A little more practice, and there will be nowhere those squirrels can hide from you!

  16. Hi Rusty !Your mom is a very good photographer and you
    are so photogenic.

  17. Cute as ever Rusty!

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