Search Terms

I saw that some of the others had looked at search terms used to find their blogs. Some of the terms were pretty funny so I was curious about mine!

dog cat squirrel love picture – What?? NO!!!

some days you’re the dog – If you’re lucky

before and after dog hair cuts photo – I’m still mad at mom

dog putting his butt in the air – Mom doesn’t have to post everything!

Rusty the squirrel blog – That’s me!!

booti park pictures – What???

how to get the dog to quit chasing the squirrels – Why would one quit chasing squirrels?

funky cheezburger – One for lunch would be ok

cutest dog award of 2008 – Thank you!

walkies comments – I love my walkies.

drawing squirrel faces – I’d bite a squirrel face….

my duck is sneezing – I have a dusty duck at mom’s work…it doesn’t sneeze


11 Responses

  1. Dog squirrel love pictures? I don’t think so. Rusty has never put the words love and squirel in any sentence let alone a blog post. That one was way off!

    Maybe dog love to chase squirrel. HA!

  2. Rusty, how do you find what search terms people have used? Is it only a thing you can do with wordpress blogs?


    Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I can’t find search terms over in Blogger, I’ve only been able to find them here. Sorry I’m no help!

  3. Rusty you cheer me up 🙂

  4. Thanks for the tip about getting some foooood! hehe!

    Come by our blog, we have something for you!

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  5. Some of those are weird. Hehe

  6. We’re dying to know: what’s a funky cheezburger?
    Kathryn and Ari

  7. BOL! Too funny!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  8. LOL that’s hilarious! I don’t think you’d want to draw squirrel faces either heh heh…

  9. Dog cat squirrel love picture??? That’s wrong on so many levels …

  10. That’s a hilarious list. I should look mine up….

  11. That’s too funny! And some very odd searches are going on out there in cyberspace!

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