100_49662.jpgHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Look how silly some of the others who live in this house are. It’s all I can do to keep from laughing in the face of their silliness. I thought you and especially Checkers might enjoy seeing this silliness.

100_5324.jpgHere’s Bear being silly in the snow. She looked really funny and acted like a pup instead of the dignified 11 year old she is!

100_5088.jpgLook at Bob! He has to jump up and lay on mom’s book. He does this all the time. He stays till mom gives him some pats and scratches. He never stays very long.

100_5089.jpgWhen he gets tired he leaves. To me that’s pretty silly. I’d stay and get scratched as long as mom would do it.

And then there’s Dallas. I hate to say he’s silly since he’s the only nice cat here, but……

Well, just look at him. He could lay on the couch or on the bed where it is nice and soft. Instead he chooses to lay in the blinds, half on the window ledge and half on the filing cabinet.


So here we are with me the only voice of reason amongst us. You know I’m right, don’t you?


19 Responses

  1. Rusty,

    I laughed too. They are really funny. And I do think you are the only voice of reason among all of them.

  2. You were right, Rusty. These are some silly pictures. I dare say yours was the silliest! I’ve never seen a dog laugh like that! Is Dallas a Maine Coon? Looks like it in the picture.

    Hi Checkers!. Dallas isn’t a Maine Coon. He is just a cat who moved into the carport and ended up staying in the house with us.

  3. […] you gotta go to Rusty’s blog and see the picture of him laughing. I nearly peed myself-too […]

  4. Rusty, you’re adorable. I love that picture of you where you look like you’re laughing…

  5. Oh Rusty, you are so cute laughing so big like that. What a silly boy you are.

  6. Rusty your pic is great ,and I must post that pic one
    of thise days on my blog 🙂

  7. Rusty you have the most adorable smile! And our kitties lay in the strangest places too!

  8. Hi Rusty, what a cute happy boy you are.
    If you visit my blog you cansee a pic of my little girl Misty.

  9. so cute rusty!!!! and i can hear rick moranis laughter in my head!
    that is a great picture!!!

  10. Rusty I can see your fillings!!! That should be in a photo contest!!!

  11. I was just going to write the same thing as “thegirl”! Actually, I was going to say I could see your tonsils, but then I couldn’t remember if dogs have tonsils or not.

    You have great, silly friends there. They look like a lot of fun!

    Hi Kate,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog for a visit! I clicked on your name to visit yours couldn’t find a place to comment. Take care and have a great week!

  12. Rusty’s not laughing AT us, he’s laughing WITH us.

  13. Such a cute picture of Rusty.

  14. Hello again Rusty I have added you to my Dog Blogroll

  15. Look at you laughing in that 1st picture!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  16. Rusty, that first picture is wonderful! It makes me smile too. Your coat is so-o-o glossy, also.

  17. I love your grin Rusty!

  18. Hi Rusty!
    I found you through Nevis and I love your pug bowl entry and your smile. It is really nice to meet you.
    Melissa and Emmitt

  19. Aww Rusty! What a sweet picture and it must feel very nice to be the voice of reason in your house!

    love W and D xx xx

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