Getting Ready for the Iditarod

 Mom told me this story and I thought it was funny, so I’m going to tell it to you.
All the second grade teachers in mom’s school are going to follow the Iditarod this year. She has been showing her class pictures and discussing it in general. On Tuesday she  stayed at school late and made a map of the trail so they could keep track of the the musher and his dogs that they draw. She ordered several things from the official Iditarod site and told the kids what she ordered. She ordered an official program and an official map. They ooohed and aaaahed. She ordered a story book by a musher that relates the story of her first run. Mom’s class can’t wait to hear it! From another site she told them that she also ordered a dog bootie so they could see a real one. Well. She looked out over a sea of shocked faces and a wave of noise crossed her room. She heard the kids saying things like: “EWWWWWW” and “a DOG bootie??” and “A dog BOOTIE??” Little boys snickered. She said she showed them a picture of dogs wearing this form of foot protection a couple of days ago but they must have forgotten.

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  1. I checked out the link to the web site you provided. Wow, what a race. I’ve never seen it before but have heard of it. When does the Iditarod race begin this year?

  2. Oops checked the site out again, guess it has already started.

  3. That’s so great! Our beagle had dog booties here in Maine, since his little feet would cramp up in the cold. Ari’s tougher (or at least would like to believe she is). Thanks for sending the race link: we love the idea of the caninaturalist as a world-class mushing dog!

  4. My mother’s Maltese refuses to believe she’s small and delicate. When we put dog booties on her, she stood at the door trying to shake them off instead of going outside. Oh, well. Some dogs are more practical than others.

  5. Hi, Rusty
    What a coincidence – I was just over at Wayfarer Scientista’s blog reading about the Iditarod. It sounds wonderful and if I were teaching a class nearby we would certainly be following it. I saw a photo of the dogs, probably from last year and I was fascinated by the little shoes.

  6. Mom told us about that race. She visited Alaska, but not at the right time for the race. She did visit some of the racing dogs, and said they were wonderful. (We think she meant we were wonderful, and they were, ok)

    Cookie and crew

  7. Rusty,
    Little human boys are like that. They love to laugh at gross stuff. Thanks for sharing your mom’s story.

  8. I went to the site. Very interesting!

  9. Silly kids 🙂 They’re funny like that. Sounds like they spend too much time on MTV or something 🙂

    How nice of your mom to teach the kids about neat things like the Iditarod!!! Bet she’s a great teacher. My grandma was a teacher too. (1st grade)

    Behr Behr

  10. Bathroom talk always makes little boys giggle! What a fun story and what a great idea to follow the race with the classroom!

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