Six Word Memoir

I was tagged by Jonesy at 4urpets to participate in a six word memoir. I had a hard time keeping it doen to 6 words though, you know how chatty I am. Here is my 6 word memoir.













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Weenie and Daisy

Amber Mae

Be Very, Very Quiet! I’m Hunting Duckies!

Last Saturday after we left the Dogwood Park we went to this little lake and guess what? I got to see and almost catch a real live duck and I don’t even think it was dusty!


SSSSSSSSHHHHHHH……… do you see the ducks?


*man they are close! maybe if i hunker down and whisper they won’t see me*


*ok, just a little more hunkering, they are getting closer*


GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO! (click here for video, warning: mom has a gooney laugh)


OH MAN!!! I missed them!

Dogwood Festival

greats2.jpgContinued from part 1:

On last Saturday we went to The Dogwood Festival downtown. While we were there look who we found! Lots of mom’s great nieces and nephews! Except for that old guy, that’s dad.


We left town and went out to Davey Dogwood Park. Here I am with some beautiful dogwood flowers. We walked around and saw lots of pretty sights.


While we were there we found this cool tree stump. I wanted my picture with it. Dad said it would be good for practicing tree climbing. Maybe one day I’ll be able to really chase those squirrels!


Here is another stump. I think mom has lost her mind. I had to get my picture taken with this one too. It was a nice day and I had good walkies so I was nice and smiled for the camera. After this we went to a small town lake and that’s where I saw the ducks……

Lots of Fun!

100_5558.jpgWow! I had so much fun this week. First my human cousin and her mom and dad came to visit me! She didn’t bring Cowboy though. Wish I could have seen him again.  Guess what? She brought me a Christmas present!

100_5403.jpgHere I am with the present. I can’t believe they made me pose with a box when something fun was inside calling me.

100_5405.jpgHere is what Cowboy sent me, it is a play mail truck with a rope on it! Cowboy had one too, but he chewed it all to pieces right away. Anyway, I played with this all afternoon. I kept taking it to someone to play with me and they all played some. Boy was I tired by the end of the day!

 A lot more fun stuff happened this week. I’ll tell you about it later. I bet you can’t wait to read about how I almost got a real duck!

Happy Easter Everyone


Search Terms

I saw that some of the others had looked at search terms used to find their blogs. Some of the terms were pretty funny so I was curious about mine!

dog cat squirrel love picture – What?? NO!!!

some days you’re the dog – If you’re lucky

before and after dog hair cuts photo – I’m still mad at mom

dog putting his butt in the air – Mom doesn’t have to post everything!

Rusty the squirrel blog – That’s me!!

booti park pictures – What???

how to get the dog to quit chasing the squirrels – Why would one quit chasing squirrels?

funky cheezburger – One for lunch would be ok

cutest dog award of 2008 – Thank you!

walkies comments – I love my walkies.

drawing squirrel faces – I’d bite a squirrel face….

my duck is sneezing – I have a dusty duck at mom’s work…it doesn’t sneeze

Mom Loves Us! Here’s A List to Prove It!

Things Mom Love About Her Pets  (in her own words)

1. Rusty is sooo happy to see me come home after work. It makes me warm inside to see his little wagging tail (such as it) and know he is truly happy to see me.

2. I love it when Jenny, my old white cat, sits in my lap and purrs. Or when she crawls up on my side when I’m sleeping and purrs. Of course she wakes me up a little, but, well, she’s purring.

3. Bob is sweet when he sits on the arm of the couch by me. He is not a lap cat but likes to be near.

4. When Dallas comes in he always wants pats before he goes to check the cat food bowl

5. Rusty loves to play tug of war and it is fun to watch his simple joy in this game

6. I like the way Dallas talks. He is a very vocal cat and lets you know what he wants. He says, very loudly “CHOOOOOOOOWWWWW” when he is hungry. He says “OOOOOOUUUUT” when he wants out. If I’m not quick enough he says, even louder, “OOOOOOUT NOOOOOOOOOW.” If he wants pats he walks down the hall calling “MEEEEEEow

7. Rusty makes me laugh when he jumps in my lap with his Nylabone and shoves it in my hand for me to hold while he chews it

8. It is funny to watch Rusty snuffle Dallas’ face. Dallas puts up with it and has never swatted Rusty.

9. They are so much comfort and company.

10. Bear and Rusty love their treats so. Rusty is fairly easy to teach tricks to due in part to his love of treats. It is fun to have Rusty practice his tricks.

11. Rusty sleeps on my lap when we are watching TV. If Jenny isn’t already there. Then, if he really wants on my lap he sits on the ottoman and whines till she is so irritated she leaves.

12. I love the way Rusty tilts his head back and forth when I am talking to him.

13. All of these things make for a fairly entertaining day.

PS  I edited my post for yesterday and left something there for all of my bloggie friends! Thanks Mercedes for a cool and perfect award!

Bloggie Friends

I have made so many friends blogging. And they are all so nice, like when mom asked for help because of my itching skin. So many people had helpful things to say. Mom is working through the list and giving each thing time to see if it works. The friends here support each other, like when Toulouse, the Aged Cat, went to the Rainbow Bridge. Everyone wrote to his secretary and expressed words of support. These new friends are always having fun, saying funny things, leaving helpful comments.

One of the best things is that all these friends are all over the states and all over the world!  Guess what? My friend Slavenka, and her two cute little dogs, Obi and Niki, who live in Croatia, put my picture on their blog and gave me a squirrel! Slavenka always has funny stories and cartoons and cute pictures of dogs. I’m not just saying that because she has my picture there! 🙂

I want to say thank you and WOOF!! to all my bloggie frineds. You all make this so much fun.


And look! Mercedes at Mercedes World gave me an Award! I love awards. I’d like to pass this on to all of my bloggie friends! Y’all are the best!


cheerupaward_julie.jpgLook what Mercedes at Mercedes Rules gave me!  Isn’t that nice? I love awards! Mom loves Lucy so this is her favorite!

I’d like to pass it on to Jonesy, Tinky & Sissy, Sparky, Knuckles & the girl, Poley & Scout.

Pug Bowl 2008 – Rusty Edition

 Pug Bowl 2008      Rusty Edition

Poley and Rukia’s mom and dad “decided to start “Pug Bowl 2008″ in which you take a photo of your Pug (or other dog breed, cat, bird, lizard – but no spiders!!!) in a bowl or other bowl-like vessel and post it on your blog.” See Rukis’s Pug Bowl 2008 picture here. So cute. 

 So mom decided to join me in. She thought she might have a bowl like vessel big enough to take a picture of me, a Great Yorkie, in. Here are the results:

Here is mom’s big stainless steel mixing bowl. I wouldn’t even try to sit in that.


 Mom tried to get me to sit on a muffin pan. See who won?


Come on everybody! Lets join Poley in Pug Bowl 2008. I know several cute little chihuahuas for a Chihuahua Edition (Tuffy, Mandy, Jonesy, Sissy, Tinky, Knuckles). We could all have our own editions in the Pug Bowl 2008!