100_41792.jpgHello to all of Rusty’s friends! First here is a gratuitiously cute picture of Rusty napping with dad.

Rusty is having a problem and I was hoping for some tips. He has skin allergies and is taking Prednazone every other day. I changed his food to Nutro Lamb and Rice with oatmeal. This doesn’t seem to help. He doesn’t have any loss of hair, he doesn’t gnaw his feet,  but itches all the time. His Morning Bounce has turned into an opportunity to beg to be scratched. I’ve tried sprays and creams as well. Any ideas? 


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  1. Are you just serving the one food? If so, would you consider a varied diet of raw foods? Penny is fed mostly raw – kangaroo, lamb, hearts, chicken necks and frames, rabbits, eggs, a mix of grains that is sold by a vet here (it’s left for a day to slightly ferment) – but no beef, as that made her itchy.

  2. Hey Rusty,
    We are having the same problem with Lucy Lu, but she is loosing her hair too. She uses every piece of furniture in the house as her personal scratching helper. We changed food, and we are trying a suppliment from the natural dog food store. There seems to be alot of them on the market. Mom said, she would try each until something worked.

    Happy Friday
    Cookie and crew

  3. My advice is go to vet if you don’t,he knows better.
    When I have problem with my dogs ,vet is my first option. vet is great.
    pps. Rusty I hope you will be better soon.

  4. Hmm, it could be any other reasons why he’s having skin allergies. Chloe has allergies when she eats pork. faith has allergies when wrong shampoos are applied on her or if she has vaccinations. Do you think it could be the shampoo & not the food? Sometimes the weather causes itchiness too. Try this. Why not bathe him with aloe vera plant/gel mixed with warm water. I think it will help becoz it soothes the skin. You can also put in few drops of tea tree oil & mix with warm water. He should be bathe once a week for good effect. I hope it works!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  5. My daughter’s dog Mama is allergic to everything. The only thing she can eat is Wellness fish and yams (yuck).

    If none of that stuff works, it’s to the vets (ick).

  6. Bless you, Rusty. My advice would be to go to a Vet~just make sure it is the right one-lol. Is it prednisone or prednazone you are taking? I do know that it isn’t good to be on prednisone for long periods of time unless absolutely necessary. I also know there are allergy shots that can be given~if needed. I’m not one to be giving great advice right now seeing what we have been through (mis-diagnosis and all). Good Luck!


  7. For years, my German Shepherd had horrible skin allergies and had to be on prednisone a lot, which caused weight gain which aggrivated her bad hips… finally my parents found this VERY EXPENSIVE dog food that was only sold through a vet by prescription. It was in a big silver bag but my parents can’t remember the name.

  8. I would talk to the vet so you can try to find out exactly what he is allergic to. If you changed his food and it hasn’t helped, I’d investigate further. Is it warm enough there to have fleas yet? Some dogs are highly allergic to flea bites, it’s called Flea Allergy Dermatitis. It could maybe be that.

    I would maybe try an Omega-3 supplement such as 3V Skin Caps, it can help a lot with itchy skin.


  9. i definitely agree on the vet visit. i have heard adding a raw egg to food helps with skin and coat. some of cody bear’s friends had skin allergies, but they switched to azmira dog food and now they have beautiful coats.

  10. Hello everyone. Thanks for all the great ideas. I’ve been to the vet a couple of times about this. that’s where I got the pred… Now with these ideas in hand I intend to go back.
    I don’t think there are any natural dog stores withing driving distance. I have to make search on the internet to see what is in dallas and go there one weekend. I’d like to try the Omega-3 supplements. There aren’t any fleas because I keep them ALL Frontlined. I’m going to try the aloe bath and tea tree oil to see if one of them works.

    Again, thanks for the help and advice and careing friendship expressed! What wonderful places these blogs are!

    I’ll talk to the Vet about food again. I want to read about the raw food diet and learn about Azmira.

  11. There’s a site about raw feeding at yahoo. It’s a most helpful group, with heaps of expertise. It’s at
    I’m not a complete raw feeder, but try to mostly feed raw. It’s amazing how cheap it is, actually. I only feed human-grade products. For instance, chicken necks are cheap, and I buy a chicken maryland and ask the butcher to cut it into three and then it is quite inexpensive.

  12. If they’re seasonal allergies, we’ve had some luck treating those by feeding our dog raw local honey made from wildflowers (i.e., weeds) that grow in our area.

    Thanks for the info. I’ve heard about that for people but hadn’t thought about it for dogs!

  13. How’s Rusty doing with his itches? Hope it’s under control, poor fella.

    The Aged sometimes had problems with yeast buildup in his system and that made him itch. A lot of pet foods include in the form of brewer’s yeast.

    When he got older, he also was susceptible to itchy hot spots when the weather was hot and humid — his vet called it “Santa Barbara Itch.” Initially he received steroid shots, but we discovered that shaving him down so his skin could breathe and so that he could get to his skin when grooming helped as well as the shots and he stopped getting them.

    Anyway, Rusty, I hope your itches are gone!

  14. Not all vets agree with “raw feeding” but you can often rule things out easier with raw feeding because it puts you in total charge of what is going into your dog. The yahoo pet group mentioned in comment #11 is a good one. I’ve also just posted about raw feeding for my dog at my site. Good luck. Rocket’s Mom

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