Tuffy for President


 I would like to announce to one and all that my friend Tuffy has announced his intention to run for president! As his running mate I will be assisting him in anyway I can.

Please read Tuffy’s platform and I think you will agree with The Aged Cat, Jonesy, Sissy,Tinky , Mercedes and me, that Tuffy is:

The Best Dog For The Job

A vote for Tuffy is a vote for all dog (and cat) kind.

But not Squirrel kind.


Tuffy’s Platform:

  • My Vice President will be one of my blog friends.
  • My cabinet positions will be filled by my blog friends.
  • Doggie treats morning, noon and night.
  • Our humans will get to take us to work daily.
  • All squirrels will be sent to live in Squirrel Bay.
  • Free pet insurance for all pets.
  • I have a wonderful plan for the economy but I will share that after I am elected.

Please visit 4urpets for breaking news concerning Tuffy’s immediate plans. Read why the Aged Cat supports Tuffy for president.



11 Responses

  1. Thank you for the endorsement Rusty. I really appreciate it and look forward to your help when I am elected.
    Your pet friendly candidate, Tuffy

  2. The Girl said she is really gonna vote for Tuffy. hehe

  3. Oh my, my other friends are elected too. It’s sooo hard to choose!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. Looks like we have this vote locked up. The Dogby Polls have Rusty ahead by 80%. See you at the 2008 Convention!

  5. We too have officially endorsed Tuffy for President! We are a tad bit biased since we are from Tennessee-lol!

    Mercedes & Patch

    p.s. Go Rusty!

  6. WOOF for Tuffy!

  7. Ok~Now ya got me addicted to bored.com-LOL!


  8. Penny would have invited Tuffy to come over here and stand for Prime Minister, because that is a really strong platform. Actually, it’s so strong that a dog could get up there and do tricks on it. However, we like the guy who just got elected here, so we’ll just hope Tuffy makes it over there.

  9. hey did you know that turbo is running for president too? his bloggy is at http://worldofturbo.blogspot.com

    maybe he and tuffy shud haf a debate!

  10. Yes, I think we totally need a debate! 😛

  11. Debates are always good!

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