Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day to all my bloggie friends!


15 Responses

  1. Rusty, you look GORGEOUS! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family, too. Hope you celebrate in style!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Rusty! You look as sweet as chocolate!
    but don’t eat any k?! xoxo

  3. many cuddles to you for valentines day!

  4. Hey Rusty, you look charming in this photo!! Wow, you got balloons? All I got were some new toys and a bandanna 🙂 (I got them early ’cause mom works nights and will be asleep tomorrow)

    Don’t forget to give your mom and dad lots of kisses today 🙂

    Behr Behr

  5. Happy Valentines Day Rusty!Sharon ,this pic is so cute.
    Hope you all enjoy today.Kiss from Obi,Niki and me.

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day! And you got my Valentine’s haiku yesterday, right? 🙂

  8. Precious! Happy Valentine’s Day to you Rusty. Tell Mom Happy Valentine’s Day for me too!


  9. Rusty, you are adorable. Happy Valentines Day to you and lots of XXX’s and OOO’s from Jonesy, Tinky and Sissy.

    Rusty’s mom: Give me your secret on how you get him to pose. Or is this a professionally done picture? Whatever, it’s a great picture. (I have to get a new camera)

  10. What an adorable picture!!! Happy Valentine’s Day Rusty and Mom from Tuffy, Mandy and Gina

  11. Oh Rusty how very festive, happy Valentines Day to you too!

  12. what a great picture, Rusty! I wish I had one, too!

  13. Found you via 4urpets! This is such a cute picture Rusty!

  14. The Aged has a message for you and your folks Rusty! Sorry it’s a bit late. 😀

  15. er, forgot to tell ya where

    a Valentine for you

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