Dusty Duck

This weekend I got to go to school with mom while she caught up on some of her work. All she did was work. She hardly played with me any! I went with her where ever she went, the copy machine, the bathroom, the printer, the copy machine again, her mailbox….

One time she made me do a down stay while she went up front. I was a good boy and stayed right there in the room in the same spot! She gave me a big pat and a kiss on the head for that.

After awhile I got bored so I looked under her desk where she keeps a stuffed duck for me to play with when I go to school. Boy was it dusty!

(Rusty’s mom: Rusty! Don’t tell every one how dusty it is under my desk! They might not like dust bunnies.)

I took that duck out and took it to the middle of the room to give it a good shake! I shaked it real good and tossed it up in the air. But I didn’t go get it when it landed because I was sneezing! I sneezed and sneezed. I must have sneezed 5 or 6 times! I think mom needs to sweep that place where my duck stays.

 Anyway, after I finished sneezing, I played with the duck.  It’s a lot of fun if there is nothing else to do.


12 Responses

  1. I bet the dust tickled your nose nicely! Maybe your mom should really clean up her place, hehe!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Rusty, you are such a good to be able to do a long down-stay. Did you do it even when your mum left the room?

  3. Hey Rusty, maybe if mom took you to work more often the duck wouldn’t get dusty 🙂

    Behr Behr


  4. Thats a very funny story! I sneeze when I get really excited. My Girl needs to dust too. EVERYWHERE.

    I like it when she uses the swiffer. Its funny. And weird.


  5. I’m glad your Mom took you with her Rusty. Beats staying home alone. Good boy to do a sit, stay that long. Your Mom is a good trainer and you are such a good boy.

  6. My favorite has to be the vaccuum cleaner. I always feel the need to bark at it and chase it so it doesn’t hurt my muth-er.


  7. You are lucky you get to go to work with mom. All you have to do is go under her desk, swish your tail a few times on the floor, and voila!…no more dust.

  8. Hi! Obi’s & Niki’s duck isn’t dusty becouse duck is them favorite toy 🙂

  9. Guess what, I have a duck too. It used to make real duck noises but now that I’ve ripped it’s stuffing out it doesn’t quack very much. I think ducks are like that.

  10. You’re such good company for your Mom! Nobody likes to go to work on the weekend, but I’m sure you made it a lot more fun for your mom.

    The Aged says, “Gesundheit!”

  11. Good Boy Rusty for Staying! Your mom should of brought you some tasty treats and gave you one for that!

  12. Cool! You get to go to work with Mom! Patch goes for a bit, but he stays in the car. If I took him in~he would probably go and mark everything~not good. Patch likes to go in for a minute then he is ready to go back out! I wish he would go with me~I could be with him and get a lot of work done. Rusty~you’re great!

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