Dad’s Outside!

100_4983.jpg Rusty: Mom, mom Get up! Dad’s outside doing something! Come on ! Get up! Lets go! He needs my help!

Mom: (as she walks up front) Rusty, Dad’s getting the truck and four wheeler ready to go. He’s camping out tonight. The gate is open so don’t even ask to go out.

100_4969.jpg Rusty: Come on mom! Open the door! Dad’s outside doing something.  I can hear him. I want to go out there with him. I always go with dad when he goes to the back yard! Open! Open! Open!

Mom: The gate is open, baby boy. You’re not getting out that door until the gate is CLOSED. I’m going back to the computer.

100_5004.jpg Rusty: (he peeks around the door) Mom!! How can you just sit there? Dad’s outside! I want to go out with him. Leave that silly computer and let me out.  Come on mom, come up here and listen! He’s out there doing something! I want to see!

 Mom: For heaven’s sake, Rusty! Quit all that whining and dancing around. He’ll be in in a sec.  (she walks back up front)        

  100_4970.jpg Rusty: I can hear him on the patio now! Can’t you hear him? I can! OPEN! OPEN! OPEN!

Mom: I looked outside, the gate is still open. NO. I’m going back to the back room.

  100_4987.jpg Rusty: (he runs back into the room)  PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Come up front and let me out! OOOOOOOOO! oooooo!

Mom: *Ignores Rusty as she wonders how many times he is going to run back and forth from the door to the back room to whine about getting out.*

100_4978.jpg Rusty:  FINE! I’ll just sit here and wait. And wait. You’re no fun mom.

Mom: Can you see the pouty look on his face?


16 Responses

  1. Awww, how cute is he?!?! Rusty is SO adorable in these photos!I love the one of him peeking around the corner 🙂 Hmmm. You couldn’t have gotten much done with all of his commotion 🙂

    Behr knows the sound of her dad’s car alarm when he chirps it before coming in the house. When she hears that, she goes bonkers!!
    Good photos, great story. Rusty’s such a cutie.

    Behr’s mom

  2. hmmm. this is the second time I’ve typed this. It just disappeared after the 1st time….

    Rusty is soooooo cute in these photos!!! You took great pictures and told the story well. I’m not sure you got much done on the computer, but how could you with such a cutie bugging you? I LOVE the photo of him peeking around the corner!

    Behr learned the sound of her dad turning on his car alarm when he arrives home (after only hearing it once), and goes bonkers when she hears it…barking, howling, running to the door, zooming around, etc. Isn’t it cute how they love to go places with us? He must have been really sad to hear him drive away 😦

    Behr and mom

  3. ok, so now suddenly both messages showed up. just delete one of them. I guess wordpress is acting weird again…

  4. Oh, your mom should have let you out! Isn’t she concerned on what’s happening to your dad outside? You need to have some serious talk wit her later.

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  5. We love one-act melodrama plays, and this one has everything: conflict, suspense, great dialogue and compelling character. Bravo!

    PS- If you’re interested in some more soft drink trivia, Wikipedia has a great page on Moxie:

  6. Aww…what cute pictures. He is pouting in that last picture isn’t he. How sweet.

  7. That is a very funny story and Rusty you are a good actor.

  8. I tell ya, Rusty, it’s a dog’s life you lead.

    Hey Rusty’s mom, has all of Rusty’s pacing worn a trench to the door?

  9. […] Windstorm, pt. 2 I was just posting a comment at “Chasing Squirrels with Rusty” when I heard a very unsettling […]

  10. Uh-Oh! Look what’s happening at our house Rusty. Did ya ever see a tree do that?

  11. Very persistent puppy! That is how Patch is too~I just wish my pictures turned out good! Rusty~you’re great!

    p.s. I finally posted about Friday’s events~Crazy Friday.

  12. Rusty, you’re so cute. Just be glad your Mom has yet to restyle your hair like she has in the past. 😀 You should be nicer…or she’ll get out the mouse and hairbrush again!

  13. Dogmom says that you must have been paying attention when we gave you the whining and running lessons, Rusty! Good job!
    Wuf Ya – Gomer & Opie

  14. Oh they are very good at looking pitiful aren’t they? You go Rusty, keep those humans wrapped around that little paw!

  15. Very cute. At least as you tell it. I find it annoying when Rocky plays that game 🙂

  16. Ah Rusty! Who needs words when you have eyes like that. You can communicate all you need to with a single look!

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