Hi everyone! This is Rusty’s mom and I have hijacked his blog. He is sitting by my feet and can’t believe that I have taken over completly. I wanted to tell a story on him, so here it is:

Rusty’s dad marinated and grilled some chicken the other day. After dinner the bones were put in the trash in the pantry. As you may know that has been fixed so Rusty can’t get in. We were watching TV and I heard a …..bump….bump….bump….

I went up front and there was Rusty trying to bump the pantry door open with his nose and it wasn’t working. I called him back to watch TV with us. He danced around, looked pitiful, woofed, whined and danced around some more. In a little bit he was gone and again I heard…..bump….bump…bump….bump……

 I had to take the trash out to keep him from worrying himself all night, and worrying us too! He was so cute bumping the door with his nose. I hope it wasn’t sore after all that bumping!


9 Responses

  1. Hi there Rusty’s mom! Oh, poor Rusty… He sure wanted some of those bones but they aren’t safe according to my hoomans. I wonder why? Anyway, good thing he didn’t manage to get any.

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Oh, you should be so proud of Rusty, If he were a human he would be one of those high-achievers who never give up, who try different solutions. Let’s hope he doesn’t solve this particular puzzle, though.

  3. Rusty, Rusty, Rusty. Squirrels and Pantrys. tsk tsk tsk

  4. Rusty you certainly are ambitious! You aren’t alone in your efforts to get into the trash! My Goldens love to stand there while we empty the dinner plates and see if they can get a nose in the trash between dumpings!

  5. He is one determined little Yorkie! They smelled good Mom.

  6. Who can resist the smell of chicken ?

  7. I wouldn’t expect anything other than impossibly clever behavior from Rusty–he just has that look about him! Maybe a lock and chain on the cabinet door? No, he’d probably just pick the lock. . .

  8. He is good! Almost nothing can stop him! Such spunk from a little doggy! WOOF!

  9. Isn’t it funny when they want to be good, but they want something else even more?

    Rusty, chicken bones are very bad for you. They might taste good, but you should think of them as the Chicken’s Revenge.

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