Saturday’s Are The Best

I love Saturday mornings and here is why:

  • We sleep late.
  • TWO morning bounces! This is because I get the regular morning bounce when mom gets up to let me out of my crate to go outside. Before I go out I get up on the bed and bounce around dad and mom who sits on the bed to wait for me to finish. This is my regular morning bounce.Then she lets me out. When I come back in mom goes back to bed and I get to bounce both of them again!
  • Morning nap! Mom goes back to sleep and I sleep with them.
  • Mom and dad stay home! I have company all day and the baby gate doesn’t go up in the kitchen.
  • Late breakfast. Breakfast is always served late on Saturdays and sometimes mom will put a little treat in my kibble, like milk from her cereal. I think she is stingy with it and there could be a lot more, but oh well.
  • Car trips! I get to go with them sometimes on Saturdays. I act like I don’t like it and sometimes I get car sick. But really, I’m glad to be going with them, I like looking out the window and most of the time we end up somewhere fun for me.

WOOF WOOF for Saturdays!


13 Responses

  1. I agree Rusty, lovin’ my quiet Saturday morning right now:)

  2. I love Saturdays too and wake Mom and Dad up around 9:00 with my howling because I want to be with them.

  3. The Aged Cat is groaning at the thought of all the bouncing.

    His assistant is giggling though. What a happy fellow you are Rusty! I’m glad it’s Saturday for you, and hope you have a lot of fun today!

  4. Saturdays are great for everyone at my house. I don’t go to work and the dogs get to play with me a lot longer. They don’t have crates though, they sleep with me.

    Rusty, you are such a happy puppy. The Aged Cat says there is another pesky squirrel around. Check back on Monday to see what Jonesy is going to do about that.

  5. For me Rusty this Saturday is not good,because I must go to work but next will be beter.

  6. Rusty, Penny loves to get up on my bed, too. She only gets to do it if I’m having a nap in the daytime, so we both love daytime naps!

  7. Saturdays are not as fun as Sundays for me becoz, Sundays we go for car rides, school, delicious chicken rice as lunch after training & to top the whole thing, we get to snooooze till the next day!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold dancer

  8. Aww we’re glad you get two bouncies on Saturday! And extra treats in your breakfast! Yay!

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  9. Saturday are tge best, and Sundays are, ironically, the worst day of the week.

  10. Moms love Saturday naps with you cute little fluffy puppies.

  11. Saturdays are the best! For Patch and I-lol!
    Rusty~I’ve tagged you! Check my blog for the details!


  12. On Sundays I get egg on my food.

  13. Patch gets egg in his food on Saturdays.


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